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      Hi Everyone.

      Pleasure to have a blog opened at this site. Thanks for the opportunity.
      Let me introduce myself and my poker carrier.
      Before that, please accept my limited English as I am foreign speaker :)
      I am 36 years old and have wife and little daughter.
      I have discovered poker back in 2010 and have been playing recreationally since then.
      I have been break even player and even slightly profitable in MTT world and slightly losing player in CG world.
      Since I love this game very much, I have decided to play professionally so I am full time player since August 2017.
      Have been break even since then and played around 1.2k games.
      As I would like to speed up my carrier grow I have decided to join Best Poker Coaching program as a MTT Bronze student.
      This is why this blog has been established.

      I would like to track my progress and also give insights of my poker carrier.

      What will I post?
      - Weekly updates about my progress at school
      - School homeworks
      - Graphs from poker play
      - Some hands too
      - and other things that I dont know about yet :)

      So lets the blog and poker carrier begin.
      All the best to all of you!
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    • SDK1987
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      Hello Nuntis

      Welcome on the PokerStrategy forum :welcome:

      First, I have moved your blog to the blog section. Beware that you are a student of a competitor of ours and that you can’t post links, because that’s against Our forum principles

      You can use 1 or more of our free money offers on poker rooms you don’t have an account yet. If it you already have signed in for a room you need to read the instructions well and it can take up to 2 business days before you get the free money.

      Further I wish you a pleasant stay on our forum and good luck with your new blog :gl:

      Best regards,