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      Why you want to have 50 BIs for DONs? There is less variability than in standard SNGs... there is recommended 30 BIs.

      4% ROI for DONs
      BI $10+0.4 Min Bankroll $125, optimal $250

      6% ROI for DONs
      BI $10+0.4 Min Bankroll $84, optimal $168

      8% ROI for DONs
      BI $10+0.4 Min Bankroll $63, optimal $125


      P.S.: Do not play DONs with 20% rake...
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    • p0kerQT
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      I agree that the variance is less on DoN's, but PS have recently changed their articles for BRM in standard sng's if you haven't noticed, its now 50 BI's instead of 30, but 50 is too nitty on the micro stakes imo.
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      Have not looked for SNG articles for a while... thanks for information

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      One of the Finnish coaches made this:

      The MTT profit calculator works just as well for sit and goes too.

      So, for example let's take 1,15$ Double or Nothing from Stars as a starting point.

      For them 15% ROI is pretty easy to obtain. According to the calculator, your optimal bankroll for them would be 6,5$.

      Now let's say you are beginning player and your ROI is 5%, you still need only ~20$ bankroll for them.
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      Yep. Just click the links in first article... BRM is computed for stars $10+0.4, turbo for 4-8% ROI.

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      Here are a few things you might want to take into consideration before using the most agressive BRM.

      - The extreamly low bankroll requirements DoNs may produce, don't take into account multitableing. I would recommend at most only taking into account 50% of the money already in play when evaluating your current bankroll for the purpose of opening a new table, preferably less than that.

      - The bankroll requirements calculated by the calculator are very agressive and will require changing levels very rapidly. The level changes and swings are often difficult to handle from the psychological point of view, so safer bankroll might not be a bad idea in most cases.

      - There is also the problem that the low bankroll requirements leave little room for error, say estimating your ROI is 20% (which it may be according to historical data) but is in actualluality mostly hotrun and real ROI is say 7%, would produce quite different bankroll requirements, to a point where its impossible to make a longterm proffit playing according to the most agressive bankroll requirements.

      - And finally, if you are a new player, it may take a some training before you get the correct routines and become profitable at playing DoNs even if you have made proffit in other variants of poker. So assume an extreamly low ROI to begin with, say 1%, just until you see how you are actually doing.

      All-in all, its better to play it a bit safer unless you are absoluately certain you know what you are doing.
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      I play dons long time. I think that 15-20 BI is a very good for playing 3-5 tables(turbo). If u wanna play >8 it is nice to have 25-40 BI.
      Is there any normal DoN players, who have ROI>15% on 50+2$??
      зы: it's mine ;)
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      Where can i find the formula to calculate the bankroll?
      The website is gone...
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      Try this link...