60$ Spins - 10 000 $ in 3 months

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      Welcome, gentlemen.

      Let me introduce myself, I'm playing under the pseudonym Lawboyy on pokerstars. For exactly 1 year ago I was playing 7$ Spin and Go. Now, a year later I'm moving up to 60$ spins, before entering the big boys league at 100s.

      The goal I'm issuing stands as follows:
      [] Make 10 000 $ in 3 months (2017-12-15)
      [] Maintain a cEV over 65+ at the 60$ Spin and Go over 2k sample. (2017-12-15)

      Meanwhile as I start and finish my master thesis in law (due date 31 december)...

      [] Law degree (2017-12-31)

      Graphs is from 30s since the summer.

      Money-graph from the same time span.

      Many players believe 60cEV nowadays is a mere myth at the higher levels. I'll do my best to change that legend, and showcase it to you. I know people who have these results at both 60s and 100s, so it is for sure possible.

      I hope you all enjoy the challenge I have issued and want to follow me along the way.

      If there is interest for it I might pop in and stream once in a bluemoon on Twitch.TV/Veasel
      So follow and or comment if you have such interest.

      And for all of you grinders who wonders what it takes, let me introduce you to todays schedule

      (I do 45 min sessions and allow myself 15 min breaks between)

      Any questions? :f_smile:

      Kind Regards,
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