86s open from mp vs call from CO

    • sirilidion
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      No Limit Holdem Tournament
      9 Players
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      UTG AkiloniC (117k) 12bb

      UTG+1 Cle Ruggeri (60k) 6bb
      MP1 freeheel_vs (292k) 29bb
      MP2 Hero (353k) 35bb
      MP3 eugen0000 (90k) 9bb
      CO wowchik91 (282k) 28bb
      BTN Sqaier8 (199k) 20bb
      SB Quadfather35 (222k) 22bb
      BB Menta'64 (465k) 46bb

      Blinds: 5k/10k Ante 1.3k

      Pre-Flop: (26k, 9 players) Hero is MP2 :6c: :8c:
      3 folds, Hero raises to 20k, 1 fold, wowchik91 calls 20k, 3 folds
      Flop: :7d: :3d: :9s: (66k, 2 players)

      Hero checks, wowchik91 bets 30k, Hero raises to 100k, wowchik91 calls 70k

      Turn: :As: (266k, 2)
      Hero goes all-in 231k, wowchik91 goes all-in 161k River: :8s: (659k, 2), 2 all-in

      Final Pot: 659k

      not much information of villian since I only have 15 hands of him.

      Decided to c/r here since I have c/f some similar flops like this, so having some c/r in there seems necessary. Turn comes an A which probably hits my opening range better then his callingrange and even if called I still have some equity making the best hand on the river. Having only a bit less then a pot bet left the only moves seems to put it All in the middle.

      what are your thoughts about the hand?
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    • angalius
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      Fold preflop, I would lean towards a range where you block broadway cards and have strong flops when you hit high cards - 77+, A9s+, KJs+, QJs, AJo+, KQo. While you can have some sneaky flops with 68s, they can be hard to fold if you feel like youre in trouble.
      As played I would just check/fold flop, - youre out of position, you dont have any high cards and your diamond outs could be dead. Also what do you reraise on the flop that has improved with the Ace on the turn ? Only pocket 3s or A9 of diamonds would really play this way, so youre not representing much
    • SDK1987
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      86s is indeed a loose open from middle position, but against a random $2,20 player I don’t think your post flop plan is optimal with the straight draw on a wet board like this. You have 6 clean outs for a straight in this spot and I would or just Cbet/fold or check/call to hit the straight as cheap as possible. The turn I would give up. I don’t think he would fold too often, but an ace could be a scare card for him. I don’t think you would play an ace like this as well and if he thinks the same he wouldn’t fold to often ether.

    • sirilidion
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      @angalius, SDK1987: since it is later in the tournament you do get away with more steals and just picking up the blinds is fairly profitable at this stage of the tournament. Think I would play it the same way if I had 33,77,99,97, Adxd the 8c6c does seem to be too loose to play this way since it is a pretty polarised way to play this hand. Unless it was A9 of diamonds I think I would just cbet them since every diamond or overcard besides the A would make your hand pretty marginal so getting equity now or betting off some hands isn't the worst thing.

      Think C/F is to weak here since this pretty much one of the best flops for this hand and it better to b/f or to c/c this.