It's a SCAM

    • iwantsoigetit
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      Hi, i see the announce that says that they'll give 50$ at the sign-up, i see a REMINDER that i have an unused offer but i cant realeased it, and the support team don't give it and even say anything about.

      Now, some weeks past and they sent me an e-mail saying to invite friends. They said that my friends will get 50$ and i'll get some bonus in money too.

      So, they want me to scam my friends too.

      Go F*** yourselves lyers. :f_confused: :f_mad:
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    • metalmonkey80
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      Hello iwantsoigetit,

      Welcome to :welcome:

      Sorry to read that you are having some issues and hopefully we can work out what has gone wrong.
      Firstly have you contacted our support team by using the ticket system regarding your sign up bonus?

      When you refer friends always use this link to invite somebody to Please log into your account to see the link found here.

      In order to maximize on starting bonus you should have a look at our free money offers. This will cost you nothing and will give you lifetime Bronze status.

      Bronze will give you a tracked room to earn SPs, the ability to send friend requests and PMs through our community tool as well as opening up more strategy and videos.1

      If you need advice regarding a room then check our our Choosing the right Poker Room for you! thread. Just reply by answering the questions in the first post and we'll do our best to find the best room for you in regards to volume, traffic, bonuses, etc.

      What games and limits do you play? We should be able to link you to some strategy and/or videos specific to what you play. :f_thumbsup:

      You should take a moment or two to Introduce yourself! to us properly.

      We have lots to offer you here, ranging from the starting capital and strategy guides through to free live coaching sessions, strategy videos and sample hands forums. They all help you to develop your game and to give you the best possible chance of playing profitable poker.
      Take your time to browse the various different benefits of your free membership here.

      If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.
      Good luck at the tables.