NL2 SH - how to adjust postflop OOP and 3-way or more

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      I just started again to play poker now since I've stoped about 5 years ago. For the first time ever I'll try to play NL 6max as in the past I only played sit and go.

      For now I'm playing the very basic strategy. I've played about 1.000 hands so far, down about 2 stacks..hope to improve.
      I Have a question about the strategy. How do we adjust our play post-flop play when we are more than 2 players (3- or more handed)? As learned in session 2 we have to contibet every hand in position if our enemy checks to we have to play different if there are more players involved? So far I also did my condibet, but for now it didn't work out really I have a hand for example.
      Next question: how do we adjust our play when we are out op position (2-handed or more)? Do I still go on contibetting? Or check?

      Thanks in advance for your help.
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