KQo open in multiway pot

    • sirilidion
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      No Limit Holdem Tournament
      9 Players
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      UTG Hero (7,654) 51bb
      UTG+1 gustavix320 (2,177) 15bb
      MP1 waltter56 (2,640) 18bb
      MP2 McBrain32 (22,070) 147bb
      MP3 thgpdvz88 (5,083) 34bb
      CO pewpewich (8,982) 60bb
      BTN Richard2705 (2,024) 13bb
      SB Malvina55555 (3,120) 21bb
      BB bernardo85 (4,935) 33bb

      Blinds: 75/150 Ante 20

      Pre-Flop: (405, 9 players) Hero is UTG :Kc: :Qh:
      Hero raises to 330, 4 folds, pewpewich calls 330, 1 fold, Malvina55555 calls 255, bernardo85 calls 180
      Flop: :3c: :5s: :9h: (1,500, 4 players)

      Malvina55555 checks, bernardo85 checks, Hero checks, pewpewich checks

      Turn: :Kd: (1,500, 4)
      Malvina55555 checks, bernardo85 checks, Hero bets 750, pewpewich calls 750, Malvina55555 folds, bernardo85 folds River: :Tc: (3,000, 2)

      Hero bets 1,500, pewpewich calls 1,500

      Final Pot: 6,000

      villian CO: 143 hands 22 vpip 16 pfr

      was going for light value herenot sure if that is correct in this river spot or that a c/c or c/f is better in general and if the bet on the river is alright what about the sizing? Is that ok or better to go smaller or perhaps bigger
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