WCOOP PokerStars tourney deep run

    • alexpinard
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      I ran into a hand that cost me my tourney and i'm really asking myself if it was a good move or not. Tourney was 11$ 8-max NLHE, slow speed.

      So I have :Ah: :3h: UTG +2. Blinds are 25k/12.5k ante 3250. My stack is 983k. UTG +1 with a 795k stack open up with a min-raise, I call, UTG +3 calls, everybody else folds.

      The flop is: :Jh: :Td: :5h: , there is 217k in the pot. UTG +1 bets 99k, I call, UTG+3 folds.

      The turn comes and now the board is :Jh: :Td: :5h: :8c: , There is 415k in the pot. UTG+1 bets 275k, which is near the half of his stack. I shove, he calls. River is :2c: . The guys has :Tc: :Ts: .

      Ended up being short stack and lost a flip 2 hands later. Finished 196th on 7505 entries.

      Was it a good decision to shove or not?

      Thank you
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    • SDK1987
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      At first, I have moved your hand to our hand discussion board, because it’s fits better there.
      Normal I would just fold A3s against an early open when we are from early position as well.
      As played I would most likely go for it on the flop with the nut flush draw with a raise of around 210k and call a potential shove. As played the turn is a brick and I don’t think we have any fold equity left and with 9 outs for a flush I would just fold this hand.