K8o on bb in multiway pot

    • sirilidion
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      No Limit Holdem Tournament
      9 Players
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      UTG erickkareka (14,157) 24bb
      UTG+1 gorelov910 (2,793) 5bb
      MP1 zukuschifcb (15,805) 26bb
      MP2 kancher2 (5,352) 9bb
      MP3 gyBoHuk (5,860) 10bb
      CO Diegomann (10,938) 18bb
      BTN laninja (11,850) 20bb
      SB Evgenya1982 (4,312) 7bb
      BB Hero (20,010) 33bb

      Blinds: 300/600 Ante 70

      Pre-Flop: (1,530, 9 players) Hero is BB :Kc: :8h:
      erickkareka raises to 1,200, 4 folds, Diegomann calls 1,200, 1 fold, Evgenya1982 calls 900, Hero calls 600
      Flop: :3c: :8c: :5d: (5,430, 4 players)

      Evgenya1982 checks, Hero bets 2,400, erickkareka goes all-in 12,887, 1 fold, Evgenya1982 folds, Hero folds

      Final Pot: 20,717

      erickkareka wins 20,717 (net +6,560)

      Diegomann lost 1,270
      Evgenya1982 lost 1,270
      Hero lost 3,670

      Villian: 140 hands 24 VPIP 21 PFR

      Being an multiway pot it seemed better to bet out right away with my good top pair as a lot of turn cards can ruin my hand. when he shoved I though it unlikely he be doing this with only overcards as a bet in a multiway pot is usely stronger and I don't do that well against a range that consist mostly out of overpairs,sets and overcards+flushdraw, but maybe I underestimated the amount of bluffs in his range. What do you all think?
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