3way 3bet pot oop QJx decision

    • TheLearningM1ndset
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      BB is Urubu, arguably the best midstakes PLO plr for years. BU is tighter passive winnign reg, SB is tigther abc losing reg

      i wonder what his thought process for checking OTF here might have been? anyones guess ( u can presume abt 6-8% sqz range here and SB being capped at 4th-15th percentile at most, and BU's open is 55% w the standard 30% fold to 3bet

      i just dont get any added reason of checking compared to betting himself, do u? i mean BU wont throw money at him w any range which is b/f i think, and so, why not bet here sth like 1/3 and put at least hads w pair+gutter into a real tough decision and deny some equity+get value (i mean if it gets checked around and on T blank, does he pot it then, and hopes a hand like KQ98 calls him once?

      my guess is he s just protecting his x range.. but SB donk range is just 4% and BUs stab in 3bet pots only 35%, so i just dont get it.. he has 30% eq even vs very tight betting and x/ship SB ranges, so he cannot fold even vs b and x/ship, so i guess he s just playing it small to protect vs SBs blank T leading range? (but seems so unnecessary vs this opp imo)

      Poker Stars, $1/$2, $0.40 ante Pot Limit Omaha Cash, 3 Players
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      SB: $426.67 (213.3 bb)
      BB: $898.11 (449.1 bb)
      BTN: $324.81 (162.4 bb)

      BTN raises to $8.20, SB calls $7.20, BB raises to $34, BTN calls $25.80, SB calls $25.80

      Flop: ($103.20) :Qs: :2c: :Jh: (3 players)
      SB checks, BB checks, BTN bets $68.31, SB folds, BB calls $68.31

      Turn: ($239.82) :Kh: (2 players)
      BB bets $238.57, BTN calls $222.10 and is all-in

      River: ($684.02) :8c: (2 players, 1 is all-in)

      Results:[spoiler] $684.02 pot ($1.25 rake)
      Final Board: :Qs: :2c: :Jh: :Kh: :8c:
      BB showed :Ah: :Ad: :9s: :Td: and won $682.77 ($357.96 net)
      BTN showed :Tc: :Kd: :9c: :9h: and lost (-$324.81 net)
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    • TheLearningM1ndset
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      and i totally dont get his T donkship.. i mean, if he was trying to protect his range.. is this a card where he ll have way more 2pair than str8s and should let BU ship w like QJ+fd, .. i mean is a set here for BU just not folding vs this pot ship? i if had bare JJ97 say for BU, i am just snapfolding here, how does this sizing ever make sense? + how can he actually have a range to put sets into a tough spot? i mean he even 4big cards w Ah fd is cardremovaled to nonexistence basically (and would he rly just xc AKQJ or AAQJ OTF?)

      so why not smaller? 3/5 of the pot, to attempt to force a mistake?
    • Tim64
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      Turn play by BB makes some sense, imo. Very dynamic card where nuts change a lot. When BB x/c he has a lot of SDV + draw. So when BU himself has SDV value he can opt to take a free card to see if he improves since jamming QJ +fd seems to me less good than x/back (i.e. when he jams and gets called I'd guess it's almost always by sets+.

      As to sizing, I'm not sure. I'd guess BB can't really have a b/f range when he x/c flop and lead turn so maybe potting is ok with whole range if he has some hands like KQTT with hearts.