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Blog Job - Playing NL10 with a positive winrate -

    • Talisker74
      Joined: 17.08.2009 Posts: 1,432
      Hello everyone,

      i`m Talisker74 from the german community.
      I decided to start a blog for two reasons.
      1. I want to improve my game
      2. I want to improve my english (feel free to correct my wrong or bad grammar/style)

      So a short introduction:
      I'm playing for some years poker and struggeld because of having a bad mindset.
      Writing the blog my will help me to stay focused and will give we the strength to fight tilt.
      Having a fulltime job make me to a kind of a recrenational player (having max two hours day to invest in poker)

      So i will play 10 NL regular tables. (I played zoom before, but i`m going to switch after climbed up to NL10 now)
      I will play just 2 tables because i want to improve my game and closing some leaks....

      If the blog will be filled with disussions (is alive) i will still update it after the blog job quiet regular (depends on traffic)

      If you have got any questions to me, feel free to ask me.

      So first question at the community:
      Are here some must see videos?

      Slainte Talisker
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    • Talisker74
      Joined: 17.08.2009 Posts: 1,432
      In this post i will update the things i`m going to learn actually or the leak i`m working on at the moment.

      First i will mention out that i know that poker is build on those three columns

      1. Bankroll Management
      2. Skill
      3. Mindset

      Well BRM I have got a plan to climp up until NL 50 an climb down to NL2, so these is actual done and nothing must be changed
      Skill and Mindset i have got to work until death to improve....

      Actual I`m working on an small "warm-up" routine.
      Any suggestions for me? Time so round about 15 minutes before i start a session.
      At the moment i`m reading some textfiles written with some poker facts or thinks i should focus on...
      for example broking Ranges pre flop....