Cash or SnGs - is variance much different

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      Hello all. Huge downswing going on and I'm starting to hate this game I find so compulsive. I say "compulsive" but I find myself not wanting to put in much volume and have never taken it very seriously. I don't have gambling issues :f_biggrin:

      I like to think that I play well and I would be results orientated if I thought I wasn't. Bankroll keeps falling and I need to change how I feel about this game. I had been just playing single table games so I thought I would try out larger SnGs to see if that affected anything. Everything I did felt futile; waiting for anything resembling a hand so that I can lose a flip, get sucked out on or run KK into AA (or equivalent).

      Clearly variance is kicking my butt and I'm not coping well with it. Have always leaned towards SnGs because I like the pace and feel I have a stronger grasp on strategy. Without any possibilities for coaching though, how can I know if I'm playing well in general? If winning a hand at showdown and/or getting good cards isn't happening at a profitable rate, should I be trying a different strategy? That's taking us off topic though.

      Really don't play cash but am thinking that it might give me a different outlook on things. Am lacking the patience to do a lot of volume on SnGs - those that do, how many do you play in a session? Is variance as strong a factor when playing cash? Things need to change but I don't know what to do.

      Quick question to end: if being results orientated is a bad thing, how do you judge success and why is ROI important?
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      The variance in STT’s isn’t too high or you play hyper speed SNG’s, but if you are playing the MTT SNG’s the variance will increase a lot depending how many players will participate in the SNG. Also, the speed of the blind structure has a decent influence how much variance you can expect. How faster how higher the variance will be. If you don’t like variance of 50 buy-inns of higher you can better consider playing cash games. There is the variance a lot less if you can beat it.

      The return of investments (ROI) stat gives you a good view if you are a winning or losing on the moment. On long run it gives a good indication how much money you can win, but to have a good ROI you need to play more than 1k games and then it’s even a small sample.

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      Jokerstars has been booty banging me for weeks, so I feel you.
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      I also play sng's. ICM knowledge is a crucial factor. Using a tool like ICMIZER is a great way to check that you are playing correctly from an ICM context. Is this a tool you use already?