[NL20-NL50] KK preflop play NL25

    • ShipItHere
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      I have a general question playing KKs (so much was talked about it but would love your opinions)
      The other day I was playing NL25 seating on a deep stack of 75$ (300BBs).
      I was dealt KK and the BB who was very tight 3bet me, I 4 bet and he shoved.
      I knew right on the spot that I am facing AAs.
      At that situation I invested about 30BBs and I was asking myself if to call that shove for another 270BBs.

      I was sure sure that he had AAs as he was very very tight for many hands.

      What would be your line here ? Is this foldable ? if he would have just called my 4bet, would you not shove after the flop anyway ?

      I had a very bad feeling after that hand (took me 2 hrs to get those 300BBs) and with a stupid KKs you lose all knowing that you are a very big underdog fishing for the set..

      Would love to here your opinions here though I know there is no magic solution..

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    • aciddrop
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      I think you have answered you own question here. In this case, you were certain to a high degree that you were facing AA. In that case, where you really trust your read, KK for 270BB is a huge risk.

      Sometimes it is better to trust your instinct and save yourself some grief.
    • Talic
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      on NL25 people 4bet with AA/KK
      on NL50 people 4bet with AK/QQ/JJ
      on NL100 people 4bet bluff

      but its still very opponent depending, just one word.. STATS, STATS, STATS
    • BogdanDin7
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      Originally posted by Talic
      on NL25 people 4bet with AA/KK
      And shove 270BB after a 4-bet from opponent is AA 99% of cases and KK that 1% so I would fold there all day.He has to be a total maniak to shvove there QQ AK and make a call profitable.
    • Kaitz20
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      Being that deep you can fold there.