Find my postflop leaks (2/4 SH)

    • Amirapuato
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      Over almost 20k hands:

      AF Flop = 1.9
      AF Turn = 1.7
      AF River = 1.2

      AFq Flop = 65%
      AFq Turn = 63%
      AFq River = 53%

      Fold Flop = 15%
      Fold Turn = 17%
      Fold River = 17%

      WTS = 40.5
      W$SD = 52.7

      OK, I know I'm too damn passive, but what am I probably doing wrong? (or can't it be deduced only by stats?)

      :diamond: Playing overcards wrong.
      :diamond: Too much calldown.
      :diamond: Not enough value betting/raising.
      :diamond: Call flop to donkbet = 80% !!

      If possible, try to tell me my 'possible' leaks on each street, if you need more stats I'll be happy to supply them. :)
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    • Yoghi
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      I think you don't valuebet/raise often enough.
    • ciRith
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      Hi amirapuato,

      well being too passive is only a small leak so I don't think that this is the main reason why you lose money.
      I know that you post hands but stats really won't find you any leaks so try posting more hands where you think you were too passive. Maybe making a video might help as well. :)
    • opal99
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      Originally posted by Amirapuato
      AFq Flop = 65%
      AFq Turn = 63%
      Am I the only one who thinks flop & turn AFq are quite high? I don't have my database, but I remember something like 53-58%.. I may be wrong with this...