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regarding starting capital

    • Dendra
      Joined: 28.01.2009 Posts: 479
      I've recruited several friends to this site and only 1 got starting capital so far. I'm not sure what he did differently but isn't everyone supposed to get the $50 if they pass the quiz and system check or whatever?

      Not sure what's the problem as I'm pretty sure none of them messed up something in the whole process. SubZeroD and dzankec are close friends of mine with dzankec playing poker ever since we went to highschool together so it's kinda funny that now I have the starting capital and he doesn't.

      Perhaps the system finds it weird some of them passed the quiz without spending 10days on learning it, if that's the case then I just have to point out that most of the people I called to this website have already been involved in poker for some time now - the point of TaF is to earn money via friends, so there's no point in inviting people that would lose all of their money in a day, I expect all of them to reach at least 100 strategy points.

      For example, Midikem started playing poker when Christoffer Ståhle got him into it few years ago(wild guess). Midikem spent more time on college, while Ståhle is some poker pro now?( won swedish open 2008 or something like that - found it after Midi told me to google for his friend)

      Another example would be cerber1988 who pays for college thanks to poker - playing it live in local casinos. But ok, he is lazy to pass the quiz so no doubt there why he didn't receive the starting capital.

      As I said, not sure where the problem lies, I got my starting capital without problems and so did all of the people I know, until now.
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    • dadude77
      Joined: 26.10.2008 Posts: 1,516
      I'm sure it has nothing to do with them passing the quiz right away. I read all the articles actually while taking the quiz, and passed (perfectly?) during the first time.

      Some people have to have ID checks, maybe they should check their e-mail's? other than that I don't know, wait for a mod to come by :)

      good luck to your friends
    • thunderbird56
      Joined: 02.12.2007 Posts: 2,186
      Hi Dendra,

      First I can confirm that your referred friends are treated as normal users. As long as they pass the quiz and ID check, if required, they will get the starting capital.

      Btw, please tell your friends to contact us directly in case they need any help. We're always pleased to assist them.

    • Dendra
      Joined: 28.01.2009 Posts: 479
      ok, was just asking because some of them passed quiz long ago (namely masakrist, dzankec and midikem) and they didn't get a starting capital so it looked kinda weird as I got my capital 1day after passing the quiz.

      First I thought it's because of the Valentine's Day, but now I guess we/they can just wait and see what happens because none of them got an e-mail to make an ID check, just the normal mail for activating account on One more friend will pass the quiz soon (I hope) and then we'll see if this long-wait problem transfers to his back as well.