Hero opens in CO 2.5xbb. Range: AA-22, AKo-A10o, KQo-KJo, QJo, AKs-A2s, KQs-K6s, QJs-Q7s, JTs-J8s, 64s+, 54s+

Button 3bets pot. Range: AKs-A2s, KQs-KJs, AKo-AJo, AA-TT, 76s-54s

Hero calls. Range: 99-66, QJs-T9s, KQs-KJs, AQos, AQs-ATs

Flop: 5s 4s Ad

*When we check button bets 2/3 pot

Check fold: rest
Check call: AQos, AJs-A10s, QJs, KQs, 99, AQs,

Calling QJs, KQs with plan to bluff turn spades and value raising turn spades when we have the spades. Can we ever check raise with our range here?