Facing raise postflop vs unknown, general discussion

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      So I think I lose a ton of money in this kind of senario. The stakes I am talking about is 6max NL25+NL50 zoom.

      Some examples of the senarios I am talking about :

      Senario 1:
      I raise it up 3bb MP w AQo, call from BTN, Flop comes Q73r, I cbet 2/3 pot and get raised.

      In this spot vs unknown I tend to call with the intent to call down on safe runouts or atleast in the past this was the case. However after giving it some thought I should probably just fold on a dry flop w just TPTK since I feel like I am beat here most of the time vs a set, random 2 pair or slowplayed overpair...

      Senario 2:
      Let´s say it is the exact same spot at previous senario but with a Qh7h3s flop and I sit there with AcQd.

      Facing the same action I think this might be a call since a raise on this flop could be a lot more draws, such as FD, FD+gutshot, gutshot +b-door FD and then re evaluate on later streets. Or is this to optimistic? Fold OOP and call IP might be better?

      Senario 3:
      Let´s keep this one very generall. Hero opens to 2,5bb in the CO, sb call, flop is TsQd4s, sb check, Hero cbet 2/3 pot (4bb), sb raise to 12bb.

      What hands as Hero are you calling this raise with? What hands would you reraise?

      This is just a few of senarios to get the discussion going, how do you guys act vs a raise in diffrent spots on postflop play? Not just the flop but if the raise is made on the turn?

      Hope to hear your thoughs!
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