TigerGaming seizing my fair winnings and blaming Fraud on me

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      Good day time, dear friedns. I would like to share a big story of my great winnings that took a hard way to do and a TigerGaming position on them. First of all, sorry for my English, i am a newbie in that great language. My name is Alex and i started playing on TigerGaming(ChicoPoker) about 3-4 months ago when i saw a great opportunity to build my bankroll in 5,000$ Freeroll.

      Post will be big to cover most of details, also i will attach a lot of screenshots to prove some points and show you everything. Each and every hand history is available. I can make any screenshot you would like and answer any question.

      Three days ago i deposited 95$ to Tigers and lost them. After a day i decided to give another try and deposited 90$ yet again. This time was a right time :f_love: I was running like in a nutshell, hitting set after set after set after set. At first day i made from 90 to 300$ and was very happy about it :f_pleased: . Mostly i played omaha PLO50 and SNG HU 31-105$. Yes, i am a gambler a lot of time).

      Next two days i continued to run ultra hot and made even more profit. The highest point was around 800$, i guess, but finalized at 720-740$. I decided to cash some out and requested two cashouts of 445$ total to my btc wallet(loving crypto). It took more than 35hours to authorize this cashouts even though i was pleasing support many times to make it faster cuz i was afraid to lose it. I havent received funds still.......

      Today after making a request to cashout of 220$ and leaving 100$ on balance to play later i suddenly noticed that my balance turrned to ZERO in SportsBook and in Poker sections. I contacted support and found out that i am a Fraud Player. Support blaming me in ChipDumping, Co-Playing and rest. Very sorry for my emotional state but i am so disspaointed and sick about it that couldn't controll my self. Here is what support said: https://i.paste.pics/8fef2b0111eb4be11c6237e0c69daf1e.png

      Now, after that i received a letter from support saying this:

      Hi Alexey,
      While reviewing your most recent withdrawal request we noticed that you have made profit from confirmed fraud account. As per our terms and conditions:

      11.2.1 If it is found that a player has made profit from a confirmed fraud player/fraud group, the player's account will be suspended for review and the fraudulent funds will be confiscated. The player's account may then be reopened with a warning or, dependent on the severity of the case, the account may be closed permanently, at our sole discretion.
      May you please confirm and explain your relationship with player ROCKSTAR11?
      Should you require further assistance or information, please contact us by replying to this email or initiating a Live Chat.
      Customer Support Department
      Tiger Gaming

      Now. To tell that i am freaking schocked is to say nothing. I can show you each hand i played vs RockStar11 and other players. Pls i want you to decide if its a scam or not. Most of profit made from other players. And their count is more than 15 i guess. Cuz i played vs A LOT OF PLAYERS. RockSTAR11 was a first victim of my hot run( you will soon understand why is it ultra ), and surely i cannot control cards being dealt.....
      RockSTAR11 is a typical fish like many other that has lost money to me( i am a fish as well, was just bit better and more lucky).

      Now hands that is a ChipDUMP, FRAUD, Co-Playing, etc.....

      Hand #1
      I got aces and trap players by calling preflop. After RockStar11 3bets pre and after GINIL calling, i am easily making re-raise with a strong Omaha HAND AA77 with hearts. Luckly enuff RockStars as i already said is a typical omaha fish, he is finding QQ a good hand and it is but in HOLDEM. He is ready to shove it pre. I know i am risking with AAxx vs any hand omaha and cannot have as much as 82% in HOLDEM but i decided to shove as well and luckly hit Ace on turn. IS THIS A CHIP DUMP OR WHAT ?!?!?!? RISKING MY OWN MONEY PREFLOP I COULD LOSE MILLION WAYS THERE !!!!! I put all i had on balance for this hand. If i'd like to chipdump i'd better waitied for a 100% spot and wasnt risking all my balance to lose and miss such a great "opportunity" of chip-dumping :f_mad: Ok , next hands

      Hand #2
      Hand number two. IS VS ANOTHER PLAYER!!! NOT THE ONE YOU ARE THINKING IS A FRAUD HANDS OR I CONTROL ALL PLAYERS IN YOUR ROOM ?!?!?!? Hand is versus JUSTNUZB which is a regular player at TigerGaming, cuz i saw him many times. I am running ultra hot and hitting floped set of Aces again. Is it my fault ?!?!?!? OR I NEED TO LAY IT DOWN ?!?!?! He is drawing his flush draw and losing to me big amount of my profit 157$. Next hand...

      Hand #3
      KT3J vs KTQ2 of Rockstar11. We both hitting TRIPS ON FLOP !!!! With one exception i am hitting rivered NUT Fullhouse. Do i need to lay this down !?!?!? OR IS IT A 100% FOLD FOR ROCKSTAR11 ?!?!?!? He is check/calling all streets to induce bluff, but sadly its A COOLER. ANY SOLID POKER PLAYER WOULD PLAY SAME WAS AS ROCKSTAR11 DID. And any poker played will tell you its A COOLER and A FAIR PLAY BY BOTH PLAYERS !!!! OR IS IT A FRAUD HAND AND I CONTROLLING FLOP TURN RIVER CARDS TOO ?!?!?!?? Jesus.....

      Hand #4

      I GET ACES AND HIT FLOP ACE AGAIN. Letting my opponent bluff all his chips. ITS AGAIN ANOTHER. THIRD PLAYER !!!! his nickname is likepeople with a platinum status. ALSO ME CONTROLLING THIS PLAYER?!?!?!? THIS IS A JOKE!!!!!

      Hand #5
      Vs ROckstar. Where i hit weak flush vs his two pairs. And as you can see none of us went allin. If i would want to chip dump this, even if i let this stupid scam suggestion to be, i would go allin on turn to get all chips or river. BUT ITS PLAYED AS ANY OTHER PLAYER WOULD PLAY IN THIS SITUATION. SMALL POT AND NO ALLINS ON RIVER.

      I was playing more than 3 days almost 12+ hours non-stop to make this profit. It was freaking hard and nervous, sweat to make. I was bitten many times, but after all i made a profit. I just want to warn, you guys, that if you someday after a big hard fight will make some profit on TigerGaming.com be sure that this guys will seize all your profit, make your balance zero, deny all your cashouts and blame Fraud on you. Be carefully, guys.
      This is a proof of my playing days:

      Here is proofs of won pots(biggest ones) against MANY MANY DIFFERENT players(with different coutries, different STATUS : elite, platinum, gold)
      1. 210$ won in HU SNG vs BANANAAAA player(Silver Star). Proof -
      2. vs another player philsims(platinum) in fish manner i won with J5 :f_biggrin: against huge equity on turn. Very very lucky river. Sorry for bad play :) ))) - Proof -
      3. vs tankmebaby (Elite star, regular player) - again set, river full, ultra hot run. he had str8. ChipDUMP ?!?!?!??! Proof -
      4. vs RockStar11 mid size pot. flopped low str8 vs his set. mostly checked streets. instead of going allins river in case of fraud play. proof -
      5. vs Datsyukian13 92$ pot, 3bet pot. let him bluff in me all his chips. Screenshot -
      6. vs mike250430, 117$ pot. Lucky river. SH -
      I got many many many other screenshots of me playing against a lot of players. I already took a lot of your time, dear friends. So this is how TIGERGAMING CUTTING profits, Stealing your money and scamming you. I am not saying anything, make your own decisions. Very thanks for all the attention. I will keep this topic up to date with all new coming information.

      I DEMAND TO GIVE BACK MY FAIRLY WON MONEY IN THE AMOUNT OF 449$(Pending cashout) + 320$ That just dissaperead from my balance to me. I Demand to stop robbering accounts and making anything you want TIGERGAMING SUPPORT!!!! This could not be done nowadays where players can share what happened and help each other. I am highly warning you guys Before you ever think about depositing to TigerGaming.com - THINK TWICE , Cuz they will not PAY YOU Afterwards ! Be carefully and have great profits. Love all of you.

      Customer Support Department
      Tiger Gaming
      Sincerely stealing and robbing your money,
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      Got an update from Support :

      Good Day,

      Thank you so much for contacting us,

      Please be advised that we have not said at any point that you are fraudulent, however you did win funds from a confirmed fraud account.

      It is within our terms that in cases like these, the funds may be removed.

      1.2.1 If it is found that a player has made profit from a confirmed fraud player/fraud group, the player's account will be suspended for review and the fraudulent funds will be confiscated. The player's account may then be reopened with a warning or, dependent on the severity of the case, the account may be closed permanently, at our sole discretion.

      The decision made is final.
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      So is it my fault that a fraudelent account is sitting at table and playing with other players ?!
      While i was playing this account i was risking my OWN MONEY and i could easily LOSE THEM. I was risking money to win something and after i won , guess what, - ITS CONFISCATED !!! I highly doubt Tiger would refund me if i lose money.... EVER!!!!

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      I'm shocked...
      I have my own story about PS. But nobody will believe me. This is only $30, but still frustrating. They said : "Cuz you made big profit ($300), when you have bonus to clear, we will take this money from your cashout". Something, like that. My English is bad.
      I planned to play there. There is another thread.
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      Even if i take their words seriously about "winning fraud funds from ROCKSTAR11" - i won around 150-190$ vs this player. But they confiscated 320$!!!!!

      After i asked about that , this is an answer:

      All remaining funds were confiscated due to the profit made from the fraudulent account.
      Unfortunately at this time, no funds will be refunded.

      Very easy and good excuse - fraudulent account - and they can easily take all your MONEY !!!!!!
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      this is actually very good point by OP, because on chico network weird stuff is going on last months with suspending of cashouts for made up reasons, banning players and unbanning them and all sorts of weird shit. Their ewallet liquidity is the problem, not overall for now, but as we know from so many cases of networks open to USA they all started with ewallet unliquidity and then they busted.
      Your duty as pokerstrategy is to address this issue and not to ignore people posting things like this.
      read what the guy posted and answer him, talk to chico and address it in broader way