Flop decision

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      Hello to anyone out there still playing fixed limit. I still love the game and being in the UK get to play on Stars.

      Anyway, I have been going through Boomer's Logic Knot series again and have started to try to use Combonator in the way he does.

      What are your thoughts on this hand, with that in mind?

      Stars $1/2

      Hero in SB KQ diamonds

      Villain on B. Decent regular, good stats, winning player no major leaks.

      Folds to B who raises Hero 3 bets BB folds and B calls.

      Villain does cap top 5% hands here. I have 5k hands played against him.


      10h 9d Ad

      Hero - I bet, but now think I should have checked. My 3 bet range hits this flop hard. Thoughts?
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