How do you guys stay mentaly focused when running pisspoor?

    • guz28
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      Sup guys!

      So the question is in the title. Last 10k hands or so I´ve been running around 12Bi under EV. Loosing a ton of 80/20 hands etc.

      Logically I know it will even out in the end. But I catch myself feeling a bit hopeless during a session when these runouts get dealt. I think it affects my game a little (or maybe a lot) but I do not get too spewy just because I am down a few Bi´s. I don´t feel like it´s a big deal to loose the money, I have a big enough BR for this type of swings but still. I end the sessions when I feel that my game is affected too much.

      Do you guys have any tips to how to make this part of the game more manageable? I try to look at the EV line of the graph instead of the money line but that only helps me feel better after a session and not during.

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    • IvicaIliev77
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      Best way is to hide cashier and stop checking graphs, just check from time to time your EV BB/100. Also, focus on reviewing lost hands filter constantly, you will find in those hands things to improve and work on.
    • FullMetalPoo
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      Given that you're talking about a 12 BI down shwong, I'm guessing you play cash games.

      I myself play SNG's but the method I use will be fine.

      I will fire up a set of 10 games and play them down and follow that set by reviewing in depth tagged hands, a couple of the HH's and usually go though the last few hands leading up to all the KO's to see if my push/fold icm is correct.

      For cash games I'm sure you have methods for reviewing. So you could say play 1k hands and review them and repeat.

      What this does is keep you mentally focused knowing that you are still playing optimally and will boost you enough to power through the down shwong or be segment of a working erectile graph :D hehe

      This is just one method obviously there is tons more but i use this one all the time.

      Hope this helps