When to register?

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      Just want to get some opinions on when people think it is best to register.

      On one hand entering early means you can potentialy build a large stack against softer players in the early stage.
      On the other hand late registration means a good chunk of the field may already be eliminated and you start closer to the money but with a shorter stack.

      How does tournament type (i.e PKO/rebuy/turbo etc) effect your decision? How late is to late? Is there such a thing as to early?

      Thanks in advance for any input.
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    • metalmonkey80
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      Personally I find it better to get a nice head start and join the game in the early stages especially when it comes to slow games.
      But on a few occasions I have been late for a game and treat it as a shot and ended up finishing in a respectable place.
      I don't play many KO, PKO and probably would join as early in those games along with the Re-buys.
    • SDK1987
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      I think it depends also what your own skills are. If you are good in playing deep stack poker you can better start right away and if you are better in the push/fold stage it’s better to start if you have an 20bb starting stack.

    • Botaniker
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      i find it boring playing deep stack poker in the beginning, so i rather jump in a bit later....