• tapanar6tina
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      I registered 5-6 months ago,passed the quiz,then made reg in Mansion Poker,but my antivirus said the setup.exe was a virus,anyway,i registered there and then you sent me an email that i have to send you copy of ID.I didn't do it then.Now i have a picture of my ID and i am ready to send it.But can i change the poker client and get my bonus elsewhere,cause first my antivirus doesn't get well with the mansion poker,and second i've forgotten my account and pass in mansion poker :( .
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    • SoyCD
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      Hello tapanar6tina,

      Although it is of course possible to change the platform for the starting capital (simply write a ticket to our support: the Mansion Poker problem is quite easily solved.

      The Antivirus only dislikes the installation file (mine hates it as well) so you have to momentarily de-activate the anti-virus, download & install Mansion & then reactivate it. In order to check your account name at Mansion poker you need to know with which e-mail address you signed up. You can then recover your login details.

      Best regards