What a Rush

    • Joshquan
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      I just came off a big downswing in Hold'em so decided to take a break for a while and learn some omaha, and I LOVE it. What a rush when yu flop a full house or nut straight, or have the 2nd nuts and the anticipation of your opponents hand !

      Its so much more intresting than Hold'Em, I cna actualy play one table without gettin bored and Im up about $15 after an hour!!!

      Going to learn so more strategy for omaha and could becoem hardcore omaha player!
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    • Pe4Ce2
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      Imho its not so sweat, how it looks. Manytimes happend to me, that i have nuts on flop and turn, put all my money in pot, and river makes somebody better nuts ...

      In omaha can donkeys outplayed you with not profitable calls much more than in Holdem.
    • Balanarm
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      I play omaha from time to time too because it's really interesting, but it's swingy for me as I am not very good at that, one day +8BI another day -6BI etc, playing NL25.
    • tytyty2121
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      Originally posted by Joshquan
      Im up about $15 after an hour!!!
      LOL, just wait until your first downswing.

      What will you play after that? 7-Stud? Razz? :)