FULLTILT Gave me money from you guys

    • rodneyginokc
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      Hello. I am a US player, Therefore, I never got a starting capital from you guys. However, I still chose to deposit my own money into fulltilt's website.

      I made the final table at 3 Bounty Tournaments in the last 2 days, placing 1st, 2nd and 9th.

      Earlier today, I tried to cash out money from Fulltilt, I sent them my a scan of my drivers license, and a copy of my cell phone bill as they requested.

      I got an email back from them saying this:

      Full Tilt Poker - Funds Transfer Request

      Affiliate Username: pokerstrategy55
      Player ID: rrdnygldn
      Date and Time: 2009-02-20 15:11:19
      Transfer Number: A2P405F09567
      Amount: $3.97

      Status: APPROVED

      This affiliate transfer has been approved. The funds transferred are
      now available in your account.

      Thank you for partnering with Full Tilt Poker

      Why did I get money from you guys since I never officially partnered with you? You never gave me a starting capital starting bonus...I am just confused as to what is going on.

      Please respond and let me know what is going on.
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    • LuborC
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      Everybody who registers at Full Tilt through pokerstrategy reacives 27% rakeback every week. I didn't think you could even register through PS.com being an American but apparently you can..
    • rodneyginokc
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      Now my fulltilt poker account will not let me do anything. It will allow me to log in, and go to a table, but it will not let me sit down. Also, it will not let me register for any tournaments. I am receiving an error message that says this:

      We are sorry, but you are restricted from playing.

      THEN 5 minutes later...I get an email saying this...

      Dear [INVALID EMAIL]
      You have successfully unsubscribed from our newsletter.
      If you did not mean to unsubscribe or believe you got this message in error, please feel free to contact us at support@fulltiltpoker.com.

      Please feel free to visit http://www.FullTiltPoker.com to learn about our latest tournaments and promotions, and to read the latest tips from our Full Tilt Poker pros.

      Team Full Tilt

      I NEVER UNSUBSCRIBED. They are trying to steal my money :(

      what can i DO????
    • n3l1x
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      What you got was the normal rakeback that PokerStrategy transfers to all accounts which are tracked through it. You always receive 27% of your rake back at the end of the week

      as for your problems with your account i would try to ask the full tilt support whats goin on since i doubt pokerstrategy can help you there

      it sounds a bit weird though since usually full tilt doesnt have anything against american players

      good luck