Poker Hud Pro's and Con's

    • Platosdream
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      Hi all, I have been playing Poker for a few years now and I have never used a Hud. I'm looking for software where I can study my own play at a later date. Should I get Poker Tracker 4 or equivelent, and should I be using a hud for all online play. Any advice or tips for or against would be appreciated thanks.
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    • la55i
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      Hi Platosdream,

      Whenever using a hud is allowed, I think you should use it. It gives you an edge. Sometimes the edge is small but it is there.
      Also, a tracking software like TP4 or HM2 is very good when you start analyzing your own game and working on it.
    • WayneGonzalez
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      Whenever you are having an option of HUD make use of it as the statistics displayed by a HUD give you a good idea of how your opponent is approaching the game of poker.:f_cool:
    • Potamito
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      In today´s game i want all the edge i can get to max my EV and i think playing with a HUD allows me to have a bit of an edge over the field if used properly not just to go over your own hands but to run population tendencies studies of the format/stakes you currently play but to use it in-game and to use it properly.
    • tieppofer
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      As it was said before, it gives you an edge if you are using it properly. I use Jivaro and HM2, I really love it.