Equity calculation

    • dddq8842
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      What's my equity with JThh vs 2s2c on Ah9s3c?

      How does equilab come up with 35.05%? or how do you guys calculate your equity based on the outs we have vs 2s2c?

      I'm still confused with these and any help would be very much appreciated.

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    • la55i
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      Well, you have 6 outs - any J or T. Hitting only those by the river is about 25% chance but equilab takes into account you hitting flush or straight also. That is quite difficult to calculate manually and that is why we have equilab :f_biggrin:
    • BEoWulf1979
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      Because of the heart on the flop you have a backdoor flush and with the 9 you have a backdoor straight. Backdoor is - you need runner runner to complete your hand. Using the rule of 4 and counting for any backdoor one out more. Your roughly equity is 6 outs for a J or T and 1 out for backdoor flush and 1 out for backdoor straight - (6+1+1)*4= 32% this is not exactly accurate but close enough to make a decision.
      Also you have to take in account that if the board paired twice you also win the hand like Ah9s3c Ad 3d that’s also extra equity.