live games

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    • LastEmu
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      Well, start playing with people who suck, so when you can't handle your chips properly/quickly, foregt to post your blinds, and accidentally muck your cards, they'll cut you some slack. Casinos cut no slack.
    • JimColonia
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      look for people in your city and try to organize some homegames...
      for the first times, you should only play for fun (fun, knowing the players, enjoing poker... that should be the first main goals).

      later, you can discuss about playing for money... for example every player puts 1 or 2 $ / Euro /Pound /What Ever in the main pot...

      or you can safe the money in order to create a nice BBQ-Party for your local poker-team...

      if you have gathered some experience in NL-Live games you can check out some tourneys (start with small buy-ins - otherwise, it could be very expensive ;) :D )