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C-Bet stats HUD

    • 13BlackCats
      Joined: 16.08.2008 Posts: 356

      I want to add 'folds to c-bet on flop' to my PT3 HUD and color it with 'c-bets on flop' to save a bit of (precious) space.

      1. what is the standard % of both? and after how many hands do they become relevant?
      2. I want to split 'c-bets on flop' into 4 categories (seldom/average/a lot/too much). Any suggestions on what % to set it up?
      3. do they differ much between FR and SH?

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    • opal99
      Joined: 05.02.2008 Posts: 8,270
      Hi 13BlackCats;

      Originally posted by opal99
      Fold to Flop CBet can tell you a bit of player style after as low as 100 hands (not accurate of course, but still helpful) and Fold to Turn Bet should really be good after 500-1k.

      That's my opinion at least :)

      40%+ indicate too tight player, 45%+ on flop is fit or fold player, so you need to put him on pair or reasonable draw if he calls you.

      Flop CBet is usually around 95% or more. Look for someone with 80 or less (i doubt there's such player imo).. It should be accurate enough after 500 hands.

      2. use color ranges in HUD settings
      3. They must. CBet flop on 0.25/0.5 FR can't be anywhere close to 95% as 4 players on flop are not unussual at all ;)
    • 13BlackCats
      Joined: 16.08.2008 Posts: 356
      very helpful
      Thank You