I just wanted to know how you were withdrewing money from Neteller.
I thought it would be smart to withdraw directly to the USD-Account I have with the DAB Bank. However, after several testing with Neteller, a ton of e-mails and calls, I found out that in order to do that, I have to enter two correspondant banks.
To do that, Neteller charges 12.5 USD. So the question is: Should I do it this way anyways or do you have found a better way to get your money off Neteller to Germany.

I could possible have a check delivered but then I'd have to pay conversion when cashing it in and that adds up as well. Plus, if I don't convert I can just save it up in USD, trade it or whatever.

So basically, what solution have you found to withdraw from Neteller that is both convenient and doesn't involve too many fees.