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      I've been playing for nearly 10 yrs now. Up until 2011 I didn't use any tracking software and I did just fine. I decided to buy PT in 2011 and really just left in running to keep track of my hands, I've since played a LOT. Anyway, I lost most of my hands with PC crashes and now have 2.5 million hands in my database. Today I decided to do a comprehensive "run bad" or "playing bad" analysis and I was shocked that I play bad about 10% of the time, and run REALLY bad 100% LOL

      Flush draws are suppose to hit at around 19%, I'm hitting just 14%
      OESD, 8 outs, 18% I think it is, I am hitting 11.4%
      Also AK is to hit flop 32.3%. there abouts, but in fact hitting 29%, In 3b pots AK is hitting flop just 13%

      I Understand variance, but after 6 yrs, 2.5 million hands, shouldn't I see this level off?

      What I don't understand is standard deviation, way above my pay grade

      Thanks in advance for your time and input....
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