Displaying HUD only for particular table in MTT

    • SteveReevesRNMD
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      Hello guys, do know is it possible to display the HUD only for the table i am playing on ?? What i mean by that ? if i am playing MTT the HUD gather all hands i had played in this tournament even if i change the table. So when i am on the new table the HUD is starting to gather the hands for my opponents but is showing my stats from previous table also. I would like it to count stats from zero hands to see how my opponents view my stats. Do you know how to do it ??
      I am using HM2 and playing on microgaming.
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    • la55i
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      Hi SteveReevesRNMD,

      I'm not sure if this is possible. And I'm not completely sure if that would help you anyway. You probably see villains that you have played against before so they already have some stats on you, and you might play against the same people in different tables during the tournament. So you won't get very accurate idea how villains see you anyway. And you don't know if villains will start playing differently against you just based on a few hands.
      If you start adjusting your own game because you think villain thinks you play certain way, you can just enter a leveling war with yourself and start making over adjustments and mistakes.