Set on Flop vs early position raiser, A on Flop [45-man]

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      PokerStars $0.23+$0.02 - NLHE Tournament (SNG, 45-man, regular) - 40/80/10 Blinds - 6 players

      MP+1: 3111 (39 bb), (13) VP:38 PFR:15 AF:1.0 3B:0 AS:100 FS:0 CB:100 FC:100 WS:16 W$:100
      HJ: 830 (10 bb)
      Hero (CO): 3234 (34 bb*)
      BTN: 3493 (44 bb)
      SB: 1054 (13 bb), (13) VP:7 PFR:7 AF:1.0 3B:0 AS:0 FS:100 CB:100 FC:0 WS:100 W$:100
      BB: 10010 (125 bb), (13) VP:53 PFR:0 AF:2.0 3B:0 AS:0 FS:100 CB:0 FC:0 WS:50 W$:100

      bb* = adjusted blinds for antes

      Preflop: (180) Hero is CO with 7 :spade: 7 :club:
      MP+1 raises to 160, 1 fold, Hero calls 160, 1 fold, SB calls 120, BB calls 80

      Flop: (700) 4 :spade: 7 :heart: A :heart: (4 players)
      SB checks, BB checks, MP+1 bets 480, Hero ???

      My first decision would be to just call, improving the odds for others to call with their hearts and/or aces.
      But multiway i don't feel my set is that strong. I ended up shoving, thinking that there's a good chance that open raiser could have a strong ace here and he also c-bet pretty large on multiway (i realized that after, on analysis). But this will certainly kick out other opponents, unless they're fishes.
      It was my shove OK? based on drawy board and thinking on early open raiser?
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