PLO ZOOM $500 ==> $10.000 Challenge!

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      Hi, my name is Pawel. I am Polish but I am living in UK for over 3 years. I used to play lots of mixed games online. Started long time ago with Fixed Limit Holdem. Then i get into NLHE Sit&Go tournaments. Played a lot of H.O.R.S.E. and PLO tournaments. Then i moved into 8-Game Mix cash games and Razz cash games. After long time i have decided to take poker as a serious thing. I want to make it something more than just a hobby.
      In October i did started lightly with PLO2. After winning about $25 i did move to PLO5 and later PLO10. Later on I did took one 663 hands shoot with two 50BB stacks on PLO25.
      Overall after 16,6K hands i was eventually up $500 (including chests)!

      Link to my graph:

      I did withdraw my initial bankroll and leave only that $500 profit. I did take some time off playing poker to get more into PLO Study. I am subscriber to PLO Lab runned by JNandez and Upswing Poker. I am studying poker and trying to get better.
      After winning $500 in just 2,5 weeks time (7 days of play) i have decided to do second step. My plan (challenge) is to turn $500 into $10.000 in before end of March 2018. I am going to start over next weekend so i will have 128 days to complete my challenge.

      Challenge rules:
      1. Starting with $500 (50 buy-ins for PLO10).
      2. Taking shots on PLO25 (50BB shots) when i do get up to $750 while playing PLO10.
      3. Moving fully up to PLO25 when i do get up to $1.000 (40 buy-ins).
      4. Taking shots on PLO50 (50BB shots) when i do get up to $1.500 while playing PLO25.
      5. Moving fully up to PLO50 when i do get up to $2.000 (40 buy-ins).
      6. Taking shots on PLO100 (50BB shots) when i do get up to $3.000 while playing PLO50.
      7. Moving fully up to PLO100 when i do get up to $4.000 (40 buy-ins).
      8. Taking shots on PLO200 (50BB shots) when i do get up to $6.000 while playing PLO100.
      9. If i will move to PLO200 only if i feel like its needed to complete challenge. Otherwise i will keep playing PLO50/PLO100 until i do get up to $10.000.
      10. I will move down in stakes when i do get down to 40 buy-ins of lower stakes.
      11. RakeBack (StarCoins, Chests etc) are part of bankroll challenge. So if i do bink some $100 cash chest that will be extra $100 in my bankroll.
      12. I will do at least 2 updates a week including graphs and boomplayer hands which will be interesting/problematic.
      13. Challenge is done when i do end up with $10.000, go bust or on 1st April 2018.
      14. I do accepti prop bets.

      If you are PLO player yourself and you want to exchange experiences please chat, comment and PM me.
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