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    • Joshquan
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      My stats for NL5 are as follows;

      VPIP: 19
      Pre-Flop Raise: 14
      Aggression Factor: 4
      WTSwsf: 20

      These do seem a bit too loose pre-flop, and in genral a little aggressive, however, this is only of a sample size of about 1000 which I know is not nearly big enough to see the bigger picture, (and i have had an extremly succesful 1000 hands seeing alot of very good cards which will have affected this) , but what is a better stats (TAG) to look for in the long run ? Thanks!

      PS: I seem to be playing far to many conti-bets, and often find this is where I loose most of my money, by conti-beting and then getting tied up in pots. I checked my stats in this and I conti-bet 85% of the time, this seems way high, what woudl be a better figure?
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