BB defend & check raise flop gone wrong

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    • SDK1987
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      I have moved your hand to our hand discussion forum. Then you get faster feedback.
      Pre-flop defending with T7o seems loose, but multi way it’s better than against 1 player.
      As played I would just check/call the flop with top pair weak kicker. If we raise like now you commit yourself if the original raiser will shove and you need to call against a strong range and then you need to hope you hit a straight or 2 pair+ hand on turn or river.

    • Okkernootje
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      Pre is close, but we are getting a pretty good price. So a call is fine imo.
      Note: Both players cover us, which means that we don't have any extra incentive to defend wide(ish) here nor apply pressure on other stacks. Besides, against an UTG+1 open range, I don't think we can play this hand very profitable a lot.

      I don't really like the x/r. We still have two players interested in this hand and when someone shoves on us, we will be forced of our equity in the hand. Players will be more inclined to gii since they are looking for bounties. I like a x/c more now we have TP and a gutshot and will close action 100% when we call.

      As played, from UTG+1's perspective, this range hits our range a lot better than his. So I'd expect him to have a strong hand for sure against your line (66,88,TT+)
    • sp3edy14
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      thanks for taking the time to answer y'all! noted on the above.
    • Shevtshenko
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      Don't hate the c/r as long as you call the shove from utg.