Cannot Find Power-Equilab on my computer

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    • nopi
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      Originally posted by bigcheeks105
      I've installed equilab twice. After I click finish on the install window it just disappears and nothing happens. Has anyone else had this happen?
      Hi bigcheeks105,

      hmmm ... it seems that the desktop icon donesn't appear :\

      The Power-Equilab will be installed by default in this folder: "c:\Program Files (x86)\Power-Equilab"
      You can start it (Power-Equilab.exe) directly in this folder by double-clicking.
      Otheweis, you can create your own desktop icon with:
      - desktop rightclick
      - New
      - Shortcut
      - "C:\Program Files (x86)\Power-Equilab\Power-Equilab.exe"
      - Continue
      - OK

      hope this helps, nopi