New to Elephant software. Some beginner questions.

    • PetterG2
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      I'm totally new to this software and have a few questions. First of all:

      Is it possible to check what hand which has given me most value? I know about the hand-filter, but I would have to check it manually if I only just that.

      The second question is what my VPIP, AF, WTS and PFR "should" be when playing BSS? (add others as well if there are other importent stats I've forgotten.)

      Thx for all help! :D
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    • Frakkk
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      To check the most profitable hand just go to Hands, and sort them by $. Your values will depend on what style you play, I have 15-18vpip/8-10pfr depending on the session. AF and WTS depends on my opponents and how I decide to play them. On a loose table I usually tighten up and trap if I can, tight tables I play looser and more aggressive.