[NL2-NL10] Bailing out of NL SSS tables with 24.8BB?

    • Tim64
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      The SSS guides advise leaving the table when you have 25BB or more.

      Suppose you win a few small pots early on and find yourself with >24BB, but not quite 25BB. The BB is fast approaching and you think "I've nearly made 5BB here. The sensible thing to do would be to cash out now rather than risk losing these modest winnings to blinds or bad beats". Is this ok, or is there some particular reason why the guides tell you to leave the table only once you have 25BB?

      I know this seems like an idiotic thing to be asking (i.e. If I can't even decide when to leave the table on my own, what hope is there for me! :tongue: ), but it would just be nice to have an official sanction for what seems like sensible play to me.

      Thanks as always,

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