• rhoedell
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      Hi folks,

      i would like to hear some thoughts of you concerning aggressiveness while playing. A lot of books (e.g. Super Systems) and good players see this somewhat as their main edge towards weaker players.
      After some time i definitely agree. If u got premium hands, or flop the nuts, it is a lot better mostly to bet accordingly, then to try to sell or slowplay ur hand.
      But when u play online and u combine the aggressive approach with the hints given here (play patiently, only play premium hands), i found out, that its sometimes hard to get the action u want.
      e.g. u folded like 15-25 hands, because they were crap, and u were raised being in the blinds. so no play from u for a load of hands. Now u get ur premium hand, (lets say AK) and u bet like 9x the big blind.
      In this case 80% of the time all ppl fold. and u win the small and probably 1-3 big blinds.

      On the other hand if u mix up your game style, and raise with weaker hands (e.g. suited connectors) from time to time, the calling habbit in online games shows up (cause u bet too often) and u got to lay down your hands a lot, or waste money in follow up bets.

      So somehow u are stuck between a rock and a hard place here. U want action with ur premium hands, but u dont get a lot of action (unless being pretty lucky) with them, if u only play premium hands.

      I know there cant be an easy answer to this situation, but i would like to hear your thoughts on this, and probably how u deal with it.

      and furthermore, thank you guys for this great platform and for all the efforts u put in it. its great!
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    • LastEmu
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      Well, you're trying to apply's limit strategy to a no-limit game. And when you raise your AK, usually its just 4xbb+1xbb for every limper, and most of the time, you're not up against 5 limpers =x

      Either way, the SHC is not meant for NL. Get some experience in limit poker and you'll understand better.