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2/2 live PLO5: rundown 3-way oop

    • Shevtshenko
      Joined: 06.12.2009 Posts: 4,237

      Me: ~850
      HJ: covers
      CO: 200-250

      I open utg to 8 with 9 8 7 6 4. HJ calls. CO calls. HJ is a twentysomething reg but (imo) plays too loose (pre and post) and flats way too many hands, has made some ambitious calldowns postflop. CO is also a reg, around 50yo, has played fairly snug both pre and post, generally fastplaying almost everything he wants to put money in with postflop. My image is tight pre, probably also viewed as tight postflop but did show down a pretty optimistic turn jam 3-way few hours ago. So, I guess i'm viewed as tight, potentially weakish and certainly straightforward.

      (28€) Flop: K 7 5

      Check or bet? HJ has stabbed somewhat lightly before. Generally, once he bets, he's usually going to keep betting too.

      Ended up checking, planning on c/ring against smaller sizes, c/cing against bigger ones.

      HJ bets 14, CO calls. I nit it up after all and just call.

      (70€) Turn: K 7 5 8

      Any merit to checking? What type of range is HJ betting here with? I doubt cutoff stabs unless he thinks he has the best of it.

      Ended up leading for pot. HJ folds quickly (unsurprisingly, given his flop size). Co jams.

      So not super interesting but haven't ever played 5-card before, so somewhat uncertain about the flop and turn lines. I guess the only bluffs i can show up with ott are like A A 9 9 or A A 6 6 types of hands that I wouldn't always bet the flop with?
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    • Tim64
      Joined: 02.11.2008 Posts: 8,028
      Flop I like your check. We give HJ a chance to bet with hands we're doing really well against. He stabs light, so 1/2 pot bet from him is just what we want. Then, given your reads, I'd say that CO's flop call also doesn't show much strength. E.g. When he has KK I'd expect him to raise. So I'd go with your first plan and x/r here vs the weakness. If HJ folds to our x/r then (even if we're wrong about CO and he is strong) we can still gii for 100bb without too much harm. If HJ calls or raises then we have to reevaulate his range. If they both fold then... :f_biggrin:

      As played, I think we should lead turn, big. Although you say HJ 'keeps betting,' as a reg he's bound to slow down with air on a dynamic turn card, once called by two players. I also don't think we get many light bets from CO given our reads. I'm quite happy to take it down now, given no :heart: redraw. If we had :heart: , it might move decision towards a check...