• boschman123
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      hai folks,

      it is tough 2 lay down 57s in late position with only 3 limpers
      it is tough 2 keep ur cool when ur quad aces get kicked by a royal flush
      it is tough 2 wake up at 6am 2 play against drunken americans and only find fresh and eager germans on the tables
      it is tough 2 raise for value and 2 know u r an underdog 3:1
      it is tough 2 get ur trips beaten by a runner runner
      it is tough 2 raise AA in early position, when ur original stategy is 2 slowplay them in hope for a re-raise
      it is hough 2 cap AKo (AK= Anna Kournicova, looks good but cant play)

      im not complaining, no sir, just ventilating my frustration. better here then at the tables. i just need a pat on my shoulders and some comferting words.

      thats it

      greetings and have fun
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