Hello everyone

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      Hello everybody!

      My name is Petr, I am from Czech republic and I've been playing poker for about a year. It started probably as for a lot of people. I've seen the poker in TV, all the bluffing, high bets and big wins. Lol :) I registered into my first poker room, played for a while only with play money, but it was boring. So I deposited my first $50 and it got me about a month to loose it all. Not a big surprise, as I played tournament TV hands like 78, TK in low limit cash games and tried to bluff people out of hand.

      Ok, after I lost my next $50 I considered, that something is wrong. I started to read some articles on web, moved from cash games to SnGs and from that time my poker got better. About three month ago I found Poker Strategy and registered immediately. Not only because the $50 starting bankroll, but also a great possibility to improve my game.

      It is few days that I fulfilled the bonus conditions and gained my first 300 points on Party Poker. I was down to $20, I was up to about $80, when the bonus was cleared I got $55. Not a big success, but also not a big loose. I tried a lot of different games during that time: short stack and big stack cash games, SnG and MTT tournaments. But my time is limited and when I had time for poker I played, not studied much, and I cleared the bonus just in time :)

      Now I think the SnG tournaments suit me the best. I am not a good cash games player, as I am afraid to get the maximum from my best hands, but sometimes I am able to loose everything on not such a good hands. I am rather tight player and probably I need much bigger bankroll to play cash games without stress.

      So this time I am playing $5+1 Dougle or Nothing SnG. I know this is a bit too high buyin for my bankroll (I have about $100 now). But it is the lowest limit possible on Party Poker for this type of tournament and gives me enough party points to clear the $100 bonus in time with some studying to improve my game.

      I decided to learn more, especially thinking about hands I played and lost or got into trouble. From my bankroll I was able withdraw twice to buy Tornament Indicator and Poker Tracker 3. So I definitely want to analyze my play and post problematic hands in this forum - trying to analyze them and learn from others comments. I know this will make me think much more about what I am doing at a table :)

      Finally, thaks a lot for this site and everything you do for us, beginner poker players, to help to improve our play! This is very appreciated!

      Good luck everybody!
      Petr (wotar)
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      Hi Petr & welcome to PokerStrategy, although I see that you have already been with us for a while.

      It takes a while to work out which type of game suits your style best and you are right to try a few and see how it goes. There's no problem in dropping right down the limits and playing say NL2 or NL5 if you wanted to try cash tables again. Just concentrate on the strategy guides and try to play exactly as they suggest. It's often harder to fold a half decent hand than to know how to play decent ones well and believe me, I'm nowhere near mastering that yet myself, but with time it should get easier.

      I'm liking your attitude & mental approach to learning though, I think you will go far. Good luck buddy, wishing you every success.

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      Hi Petr,

      Congratulations on passing the test and joining the ever growing family of PokerStrategy.

      I would suggest reading and re-reading the strategy articles, watch some the videos, attend the coachings and post up any hands that you are not too sure about.

      The main thing in my opinion is to learn to use proper bankroll in the future as it will help you t protect the money you have right now but also help you to move up the levels more safely and hopefully increase your bankroll further.


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      Thanks guys for a great welcome and advices.
      I am really trying to improve my game, I've already reread some articles a lot of times. I think I should concentrate on couching videos :)

      I tried to post some hands, but I was not successful to convert them.
      I already created a post about that - hopefully I'll get some help :)

      But btw. Is there any tool to create a sample hand manually available? Like clicking hole cards, then flop, turn and river with some comments, so I can post it then here in a proper format?