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Trying not to be a gambler

    • wotar
      Joined: 17.11.2008 Posts: 257
      Hi, this should be my poker blog. Hope this will keep me on a wining side of poker by summarizing my thoughts, trying to think more about what I am doing at a table and sharing my fun with others.

      I introduced myself here. Let it be the first post :)

      Good luck at tables!
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    • wotar
      Joined: 17.11.2008 Posts: 257
      I am registered in Czech/Slovak University Poker League. I think it is opened to pretty anybody (stated as "for university students, absolvents and friends of universities" :) ). It offers three type of tournaments:

      1) Online freerolls for $50
      2) Online $3+0.30 Bounty tournaments - $50 added + 5x $13 as bounty - bounty are the first 5 top players of last tournament (usually 50-60 players)
      3) 300 CZK ($15) live tournaments (about 15-20 players where I play)

      For me it is a great opportunity to try live tournaments for quite a low buyin. And that is the main reason I am registered. And of course it is a great fun to play tournaments with other Czech and Slovak people only, mainly students and other amateurs (I mean it well, I am of course amateur too :) ). Not for least it is possible to win tickets to some online/live more expensive tournaments and also to Czech Poker Tour (the best known here, with TV reports and final table of each tournament). That is just for background.

      Bounty $3+0.30 + $50 added + 5x $13 bounty

      I didn't play for first few minutes. My gf returned an hour ago after few days in Estonia and ... you know, we had some things to discuss ;) I checked the history and I missed just KK which I would probably win. Never mind. I sat to the table just in time to catch A:spade: K:heart: with 1,440 chips (out of 1,500). I called a raise and one call from BB, pushed half the pot after the flop K:club: T:heart: 8:diamond: (one call), and then all in on turn 4:heart: (opponent folded) and I was back to 1847 chips.

      Then there were some small wins and looses until the next interesting hand. I raised 3xBB from MP1 position with A:spade: J:diamond: and SB rereised 3x my raise. I called and flop hit me with 7:heart: 3:diamond: J:heart: . SB pushed about 2/3 of pot and I went allin. He called and showed 9:spade: 9:heart: , turn and river changed nothing and I was up to 3,305 chips.

      Then I lost 300 chips with AKo, when I called preflop reraise of my original raise, and folded after allin push on JT6 rainbow flop.

      Then came my first suckout. I am really not proud of it. But happy of course :) Blinds 50/100, I am on SB with 2600 chips. In hand K:heart: Q:heart: . I tried to steal so I pushed with 500. BB goes allin with 1,860 chips. I thought for a while and then called hoping for small or middle pair. Unfortunately BB showed A:spade: K:club: :( Pretty stupid call as I was left with less then 800 chips. Luckily I was saved with board 7:diamond: 5:club: Q:spade: 5:heart: 4:diamond: and was up to 4,600 chips (sorry mate). Pretty safe stack for now :)

      Few hands later I won 1000 chips when I call/called just a small raise from SB with K:club: J:diamond: , pushed half pot on flop 9:diamond: 5:diamond: 7:diamond: (call), another half pot on turn J:heart: (call) and allin push with A:diamond: river - SB folded.

      Then I got into allin battle from MP2 with A:heart: K:club: against much smaller stack on BU with K:heart: K:diamond: and was saved by A:spade: on flop, but I think it was a proper decision here - I pushed 600 with one limper (150) and then just call a BU allin (1150).

      Now I was on pretty safe stack, my table image was not the best after those two suckouts and some other steals, so I started to play more tightly and waited for best hands. Won 1950 with my AA against KK (allin preflop) - that's always sick to get KK when somebody else is dealt AA, took blinds with aggressive raise holding AJo (450), and so on.

      With blinds 200/400 I raised to 1600 with A:heart: 8:club: and got call from SB (he had half of my stack). Flop came A:diamond: 5:heart: 2:heart: , so I continued with pot size bet - it was all his chips to call and he folded. Then he told me he had QQ.

      We were on last two tables and with around 10,000 chips I was among the leaders of tournament. I continued with my tight play, took some chips with AKs and KQs, others usually did not try to steal my BB probably due to my stack.

      And then it came. Blinds 300/600, me on SB holding K:spade: K:heart: (12,300). 6 people at a table, UTG fold, UTG+1 allin (547 chips - super short stack), CO allin (8,525), BU fold, me ... ? It took me nearly all the time to think about as I smelled troubles. Is it a time to risk nearly everything just before the final table (8 in money)? But I thought he may try to steal dead money and I called. UTG+1 T:heart: T:spade: , CO A:club: A:diamond: :( Board didn't saved any of us and I was still alive, but only with 1/3rd of my previous stack.

      Two hands later I pushed allin with A:heart: K:club: and got called by previous AA winner holding J:spade: Q:heart: . Board didn't pair any of us and I was once more back to 8,500 chips. At least a small payback :)

      A little later I had J:spade: 7:spade: on BB (600). Everybody folded to SB who pushed 1800 (1920 left in his stack). Well, he was a bounty guy (worth $13 if I finish him), I knew he want to get as far as possible as he was current bounty tournaments leader with a great possibility to win this month round - this is worth a ticket to $50+5 tournament and placement in a grand finale of this whole league. So I pushed all in - my stack was more then 8,000 and at least I had hopefully two suited live cards. He consumed all his time before folded and I showed him. Nice bluff he told me :)

      Then I folded everything until I got to final table. I got there with 11,500 chips and was 3rd at that time - chip leader with 15,000 chips, short stacks with less then 3,000.

      Early we were on bubble and got into the most most interesting and most sick hand probably :) 9 players, blinds 400/800. UTG call (15,000 stack), CO-1 call (12,000 stack), SB allin (11,000), BB allin (5,000) , UTG call (for 10,000 more), CO-1 fold.

      Pot nearly 28,000 chips. SB showed Q:club: Q:spade: , BB Q:heart: Q:diamond: , UTG A:heart: 5:diamond:

      On board came T:heart: 4:diamond: 2:heart: A:diamond: K:heart: and we had massive chip leader and future winner. And a lot of trash talks to read :) And we were in the money, hurray :)

      Then I lost 1/4 of my stack with AKs when chip leader called my raise and pushed allin after Q6J rainbow flop. I folded.

      I was eaten by blinds pretty fast, but got no hand to push with big chip leader just behind me. Best was something like K4o but I folded that too waiting for my time to double up.

      This came with K:diamond: 9:diamond: , when I was on BB (1000). CO raised to 2000 (22,000 stack), SB folded. I was left with only 4,600 stack so I pushed hoping for steal attempt only. He called and showed

      A:club: 5:heart: (oh no!)
      flop: 6:heart: Q:club: K:spade: (hurray!!)
      turn: A:diamond: (shit!!!)
      river: 6:diamond:

      and I was out. NH, GG :)

      Finished 5th (of 51 I think), won $15.22. Not bad, but probably I was too tight on final table. Not much experienced there :)
      Anyway great fun and I am looking forward to tomorrow live tournament.

      Good luck everybody and hope you enjoyed if you read until here :) This is my first report and I am not a native speaker, so that is not so easy. Thanks for any comments or suggestions - to play or future report, if any :)
    • kennyxx
      Joined: 16.05.2008 Posts: 998
      Hi Petr,

      still can't believe I read the whole post :D . I'm sure Your turney play will improve in time and You will stop with some moves You should avoid of (call raise with AKo, raising 3xBB and then 4xBB etc.) unless You know exactly what are You doing - moves based on reads. You hit some flops which is nice but be carefull. You played against very bad players but with more experience and higher buy-ins/limits, villains will be better and better. If You have some bad habits now (and imo You have), then best thing You can do is correct them as soon as possible. Removing old habits becoming harder in time. Posting hands to sample hands forum and attending coachings would help with that. I know You have some problems with postig hands but I hope it will be fixed soon.

      And I forgot, welcome to Pokerstrategy

      GL in Your progress and keep us informed

      BTW:Trying not to be a gambler - You should start with BRM. Playing 5$ SnGs with 100$BR is not very good idea imo ;)
    • wotar
      Joined: 17.11.2008 Posts: 257
      Thanks kennyxx for comments!

      I definitely have some wrong habits. I have to find them and work on them.
      Yesterday I noticed one of them


      I am too tight. This is something I am used to and maybe why I like DoN tournaments (not a turbo variant).

      Yesterday I was playing live tournament. 14 players, $15 buyin, 5000 starting chips, no rebuy, no addon, 25/50 blinds with 20 minutes level.

      Seems like a nice slow tournament which might suit me. But this is a live play, so it is rather like turbo online! And I stayed tight. Way too tight probably :(

      Situation: I got free play from BB, J9o. I checked with 4 other players in play. Flop came something like 39Q rainbow. Everybody checked. Turn 7. Everybody checked. River K. SB check, me check, UTG bet half the pot. Everybody folded. Me? Call :( And I lost to weak King in UTG hand.

      What was I thinking? It is pretty cheap so I can look if I am maybe the best with my 9? I should bet before to know that! Next time :)

      There was a guy. He was playing nearly everything, 80% of hands maybe. Usually raising before the flop. And he was extremely lucky too (he flopped streights, trips, draws). If the flop was 445 he had the third 4 in his hand :) When he let us see the river of course. He was a big chip leader in a while and he made the flop expensive with his raises. There was no chance to see the flop by just calling. But he was experienced player too. He raised 3/4 of pot and got reraised. He easily give up his hand saying: "I believe you have a hand." Hell, I believed too, when the guy was passive all the time before. This is easy to read.

      I dig my grave and he buried me :) It was already on final table.

      My hand: T:club: T:diamond: 4,300 stack, I am BB
      Blinds 150/300, in few minutes 200/400

      everybody fold, BU call, SB call (this aggressive guy, above 20,000 stack), me check

      (I felt like still don't want to risk everything on middle pair, and I know I got called for something like 900 bet. I felt like I have plenty of time yet - but I had 14 BB with blinds to grow up soon! I would see that online, I didn't see that there!)

      Flop: 3:club: 4:heart: 6:diamond:

      SB bet 1,500

      I told him: "I know you may have easily something like 57, but I'll raise you here." and moved allin. He thought for a while and then told me: "Ok, I know I am worse now, but this 5 may come :) " and called. BU folded. He showed then 3:heart: 7:spade:

      Turn: 5:club:

      And I was out on 7th place. Well he got lucky one more time. But with his stack he can pay the rest of my reraise easily and I played it wrong. I should have go all in preflop. He would definitely leave his 37o.

      Probably I should play some low buyin turbo SnG before going to that tournament next time. And work on my aggression. I mean not to bluff all the time, just to bet my good hands. I have nothing to loose, I don't have any bankroll for live play as I don't play live. Only some times and it costs me not much. I spend more money when I go to drink some beers with friends of mine :) So why the hell I should be scared to bet?!

      I learned yesterday few things:
      - you have to play if you want to win
      - it is better to play and loose then to fold everything and loose
      - without betting you don't know anything (I knew that once, where I lost that?)

      I have to be more aggressive with good hands!
    • wotar
      Joined: 17.11.2008 Posts: 257
      I should stick to DoNs on PartyPoker. This are the tournaments I really know what I am doing there and I am making profit on them. Last few days I tried some common SnG, but for $1 they have only turbo tournaments (3 min. levels), for $3 also speed (5min.) and normal tournaments from $6 (10 min.) I lost about $10 in two sessions trying that :( This fast tournaments are too dangerous for me, as I don't feel comfortable there and with about $50 bankroll on Party I can not play $6 SnGs yet.

      Well, that being said, I stick to DoN tournaments. The two lowest limits are $5+1 and $10+1. The rake is terrible at the lower one:

           Profit made from 6 tournaments
      won   ($5+1)x6=$36   ($10+1)x6=66
      0        -$36           -$66
      1        -$26           -$46
      2        -$16           -$26
      3         -$6            -$6
      4          $4            $14
      5         $14            $34
      6         $24            $54

      From that point of view, playing $10+1 is much more profitable if I can make about 3-4 ITM from 6 games. But as I am starting on $42 only, I don't want to risk everything. My goal is to clear a bonus of $100 and I have 3 months for that. Therefore ma plan for now is:

      10 buy-ins for moving to $10+1 limit (+2 buy-ins for every part of bonus cleared ($25)) - I understand this is very risky. So ...

      Current bankroll: $42.44
      Playing $6 DoN
      Moving to $11 limit at: $110
      Moving back to $6 limit at: $60

      Started yesterday.
      3 DoN $6, 3/3 ITM, profit $12 :)
      Current bankroll: $54.44 (9 buy-ins)

      Last game was pretty funny. There was a guy who was very aggressive, usually all-in if he felt any weakness. He was incredibly lucky too. He killed 4 people and we were to 6 at the beginning of 50/100 blinds level :) At this time he had something like 9,000 chips, I was second with about 2,800 and then 4 other players with about 1,400-2,000 chips. At such a situation I'd probably throw away even AA and waited for him to finish the last one :) He played the style: call the bet and all-in postflop or all-in preflop.

      Final game: UTG all-in (~1,400), everybody fold, BU call (this big stack), rest fold.

      UTG: AA
      BU: Q3o
      Flop: xxQ
      Turn: Q

      And that was it :)
    • kennyxx
      Joined: 16.05.2008 Posts: 998
      Current bankroll: $42.44
      Playing $6 DoN
      Moving to $11 limit at: $110
      Moving back to $6 limit at: $60

      LoL, Your BRM is just awesome :D . Did You read some articles? This one is a must...

      Originally posted by kennyxx
      Trying not to be a gambler - You should start with BRM. Playing 5$ SnGs with 100$BR is not very good idea imo ;)
      Well, playing 6$ DONs with 42$ is even worse - You're on the way to bankrupt. I can't wish You anything than GL cause You realy need it. Even with great knowledge You can have just bad luck in few consecutive DoNs and You're down to zero. ;)
    • wotar
      Joined: 17.11.2008 Posts: 257
      I know this is crazy. And I had some loosing sessions in DoNs alrady - the longest was 5 in a row I think. But I don't see much other possibilities on Party Poker.

      I am not a good cash game player - I was always loosing money in them. Playing SSS or BSS.

      I like the SnG the most and I made quite a good profit on them on FullTilt. But on party then don't have regular SnG on lower limits (there are only turbo and speed tournaments). The lowest regular SnG start at $6 - that is too much and I am safer at DoN, I think.

      And for the last, this is just part of my bankroll. I have more money on some other sites and moneybookers. I bought PokerTracker3 some time ago, so I am left with ~ $130. I know this is still not enough for $6 tournaments, but at least I'll still have something if I crash on Party.

      Anyway I know I should stick to BRM and I'd like to. But then I miss this $100 bonus for sure - cause I should have played elsewhere some lower limit SnGs. So I decided to take this risk for now.

      Thanks for trying to keep me on a right path!
      I know I need that sometimes.

      Btw. is that explanation understandable, or am I talking complete bullshit? :)
    • yaxkukmian
      Joined: 24.12.2007 Posts: 2,020
      When I read the title of your blog I thought I could read some interesting thing about brm (I have problems with brm too). After reading it I see you're just a gambler who doesn't want to admit it :D

      It's a better idea to transfer your last $130 and play with your whole BR. It you lose your present br you can't do anything with last $130. You should think long-term and not just about clearing the bonus. Maybe even better idea would be transfering your $130 somewhere else and playing lower sngs.

      I wish you good luck - stay alive as long as you may sound a bit harsh but if you think that even best players have bad days you must be aware that you're walking the edge every single time you play.

      I really wish you all the best and I hope you'll make it and after that you'll play with safer brm :)
    • wotar
      Joined: 17.11.2008 Posts: 257
      I understand guys what you are talking about. It seems quite safe to clear the bonus, but if I loose it all, it would be really bad for my current bankroll. And a shame of course - as I should listen to the advices I got here. And I know it may happen and it may happen very easily.

      I thought about that at lunch time and I updated my plan a little. I still want to give it a try, but definitely don't want to loose all the money. You know, I am on some 60+ points (don't know exactly as I am not at home). And I need just 150 points to get first $25 part of bonus, with 2 points for every tournament. So I need about 40 more tournaments?

      Therefore I added a "bankroll guard barrier" - an amount of money I'll not go below. I set it to $30 for now, what gives me 4 more tries to play at this stakes. Every 10 tournaments I move that barrier one buy-in up. I can play, only if I am still above this barrier after I already payed for the current tournament. It means, if the barrier is $30, I can still play $5+1 if I have $36 on account, with $35 I have to quit. Let's call it a "Bonus quest" :)

      Bonus quest

      Current bankroll: $54,22
      Guard barrier: $30 (10 more to +$6)
      Party Points: ??? (150 to clear $25)

      Thanks for all the advices and suggestions!
    • wotar
      Joined: 17.11.2008 Posts: 257
      I am learning my lesson :( Today I played 3 DoNs and lost all of them. In all of them I was killed on the river, twice in push/fold mode, once at the beginning.

      1. KQs on SB, 4 even players, 2 big stacks, blinds 200/400. Everybody folded, I just checked from BB as big stack called from BU. KKx on flop, I checked wanted him to push. He bet 400 (=BB). I re-raised all-in (1600) and he called. He showed 33 - 3 on river made him a full house. Finished 6th.

      2. The blinds were still at 50/100. I am short-stack (1400) on SB with AKo. 2 limpers, I just called to see the flop. BB check. Board KJ9 (flush and straight draw). I went all-in. Two called with bigger stacks. One with open ended straight draw, second with flush draw. Q on river completed the straight draw. Finished 6th.

      3. CO position with QQ, 2nd level. Raise 2BB from middle position, I called, BB called, everybody else folded. Flop 5TJ rainbow. MP bet pot size, I re-raised all-in, BB fold, MP calls, showing AJ. J on the river made him trips. Finished 8th.

      As I see that now, that was all bad play.
      1) I should have bet on the flop immediately, but I thought I was trapping him - I'd be safe after this hand :(
      2) Bad to just call with AK. I was short, but still had enough chips to play - 14BB with pretty loose table and we were in six. On the flop I wanted to protect myself against draws.
      3) Probably I should re-raise him preflop. I wanted to avoid Ax situation.

      I was tilting maybe a little after the first loose - I was tight all the time, made it to push/fold mode and lost with trips on the flop.

      Ok, that's it. I think the quest is over :( I don't want to loose the last $6 I still may play, and I rather stop that now. The lesson was learned. The hard way :)

      I take a break and think of what to do next. I am not sure if I should withdraw the rest of money and try that elsewhere, or maybe try some micro stakes cash game ($0,02/0,04).

      Party bankroll: $36,44
      78,4 points to clear the $25 part of bonus.
    • wotar
      Joined: 17.11.2008 Posts: 257
      Hey guys.

      I took a few days break and think about the whole situation. And I know you are right. Well, I always knew, but I thought I may handle that - as a lot of people before probably :-) So thanks again from stopping me ruining my current bankroll :)

      I decide finally to stick to DoNs for now, but work on it the slow way with proper bankroll management. For the first I calculated precisely my current bankroll:

      $48,51 at moneybookers (1067 CZK)
      $36,44 at Party Poker
      $37,37 at Titan Poker (29,74 EUR)
      $18,56 at Paradise Poker (14,77 EUR)
      $13,59 at Interwetten Poker
      $154,47 the whole bankroll

      + I have $30,51 at Expect Poker, but this are the money I have for my University Poker League, where I can not play by BRM, so I can not count them to my bankroll for now. The money at Titan Poker are still blocked (I deposited $50 to gain Tournament Indicator license and I did not fulfill all the conditions to withdraw them) - so probably I use them soon for play to make enough titan points.

      Bad is, the only account tracked by PokerStrategy is the PartyPoker one. So probably I soon loose my silver status :( Well, hope to build my BR step by step and return to Party Poker at the right time to play 10+1 DoN. Or maybe open some other account via PokerStrategy :-) Let's see what happen.

      Current strategy:

      * play DoN by proper BRM (maximum is 2% of bank-roll for one tournament)
      * play the tournaments with 10% maximum rake

      Long term goals:

      * build $500+ BRM to play $10+1 DoN at Party Poker

      Good luck everybody!

      bank-roll : $154,47
      max. buy-in: $3+0,30
    • wotar
      Joined: 17.11.2008 Posts: 257
      Today session:

      Interwetten $2+0,20
      8/8 ITM (+$14,40)

      Interwetten: $27,99

      Bankroll: $168,87

      It is great to be back to poker after a small break :)
    • wotar
      Joined: 17.11.2008 Posts: 257
      I am looking for a new poker room to play DoNs there.
      I made a new thread about that:
      DoNs - where to play (rake, not turbos, ...)

      It would be great if you can help me with that.
      Thanks in advance!
    • wotar
      Joined: 17.11.2008 Posts: 257
      Yesterday I played another live tournament of our University Poker League. Thanks to analyze I did after the last game I played more aggressively. And it worked :) I was able to build my stack to 10,000 chips (from starting 5,000) and was a chip-leader at my table. Then this situation send me home:

      Blinds 150/300, six players at a table. Me raise to 1000 from UTG with A:heart: 8:heart: (~10,000 stack) MP call (~9,000, I noticed how he checked my stack, so I immediately thought about set-mining). All others fold.

      Beautiful flop K:heart: 9:heart: 6:heart:

      I wanted him to play, so I bet another 1,000. Re-raise 4,000 and I went all-in. He was thinking for maybe 5 minutes (I changed my mind every 20 seconds he told me then). Finally he called for the rest of his chips. I showed my nuts, he got 9:spade: 9:diamond: - a set.

      Unfortunately K:diamond: on turn paired the board and made him a full house.

      Probably that was not that bad call as he could not know I have nuts and he had quite a lot of outs (1x9 + 3xK + 3x6 = 7 outs before turn, 3 more = 10 before river, if I count it well).

      Text results appended to pokerstove.txt
      990 games 0.005 secs 198,000 games/sec

      Board: Kh 9h 6h

      equity win tie pots won pots tied
      Hand 0: 65.556% 65.56% 00.00% 649 0.00 { Ah8h }
      Hand 1: 34.444% 34.44% 00.00% 341 0.00 { 9c9d }

      By the pokerstove results it seems it was just a 2 : 1 situation. I thought I was better :)

      I was left with about 1,400 chips so I went immediately all-in in the next hand with Q:spade: 9:spade: and got called from 6:heart: 6:diamond: . No help for me and I was out :(

      It hurt, but at the same time I felt, I played much better then the two times before, even if I was out earlier. But if I won that, I would have had nearly 20,000 chips and a great possibility to win that tournament. Well, next time.

      I have one question here. When he was thinking about calling my all-in with set ... would it be by the rules to show him my cards? Like - I think you may have set, I have nuts - look - so probably you don't want to call that. Just fold, I take this 15,000 bank and you still have about 5,000 to play.

      And would it be a good move by the way? Taking 15,000 for sure, or go into 2:1 situation for 20,000 or nothing?

      I am not sure. Yesterday I definitely wanted him to call :)
      Well, he did.

      At night I played 3 more DoN:

      Interwetten $2+0,20
      2/3 ITM (+$1,40)

      Interwetten: $29,39
      Bankroll: $170,27
    • wotar
      Joined: 17.11.2008 Posts: 257
      Hi. I did not play a lot of last days. Just enough to play 40 tournaments.
      I decided to make (virtually) 20 games sessions:
      - need to get 11 ITM to be break even (55% ITM)
      - then I have (hopefully) some free plays to make profit.

      11/20 (55%) ITM 2+0.20 DoNs on Interwetten ($0 profit)

      This time I made 11th ITM at 18th tournament. So I had two more tournaments to make profit. Unfortunately I lost both. Probably I was not patient enough. I think I did not play that bad in this session. And at the end I had some bad badbeats: lost KQo to KJo, AQo to AJo and lost AA to something. But that just happen.

      I also lost $8.70 in some MTT.

      Interwetten: $20.69

      13/20 (65%) ITM 2+0.20 DoNs on Interwetten ($8 profit)

      This time I had a really great start. I made 7 ITM in a row. Then it became a little worse and I was at 11 ITMs in 15th tournament. So I had 5 more to make profit. Unfortunately I won only 2/5 :( Maybe I am really a little less patient at the end of my virtual session? I have to analyze the last few games.

      Interwetten: $28.69
      Total: $169,57

      Goal is to make a $200 to move to $5+0.50 DoNs.

      PS: I watched The Rounders film once more. A great poker film, really :)

    • wotar
      Joined: 17.11.2008 Posts: 257
      I've read some more articles about DoNs tournament and decided, that 30 buy-ins is pretty safe for me at the lower limits. I want to switch to PokerStrategy to play $5+0.20 turbo DoNs there, so I tested $2+0.20 turbo tournaments on Interwetten.

      13/20 (65%) ITM 2+0.20 DoNs on Interwetten ($8 profit)

      It feels like they are pretty same, only the push/fold phase comes earlier. I don't multitable much (usually only 2 tables), so I am able to play more tournaments in the same time.

      Advantages of switching to PokerStars:
      - higher stakes ($5) but the same rake ($0.20)
      - longer blind levels (5 min. turbo on PS x 3 min. turbo on Itw)
      - $5 buy-in is the second lowest on PS, so hopefully the same amount of inexperienced players as on $2 buy-in Itw
      - will be tracked via PokerStrategy, so some more strategy points :)

      Current bankroll:
      Interwetten: $36.69
      Total: $177.57

      New goals:
      [] registering on PokerStars via PokerStrategy
      [] increase bankroll to $300 to move to $10 buy-ins

      If I broke below $150 total, I'll go back to $2+0.20 on Itw.
    • wotar
      Joined: 17.11.2008 Posts: 257
      So I registered on PokerStars. I moved there $45 from my online wallet account and played 10 $1+0.10 turbo DoNs to get familiar with the poker room interface (btw. I am missing some predefined common bets, like 1/3 of pot, 1/1 of pot, 3x pot ... - did I overlook something?).

      7/10 (70%) ITM $1+0.10 DoNs on PokerStars ($3 profit)

      Two of the three loses where probably bad beats:
      - my QQ raise preflop was called and I ran into 222 set when all the cards on board were lower then Q. All-in on turn.
      - with JJ I crashed into KK in push/fold mode

      Third was my bad play. I tried to steal with A7o in push/fold mode when we were still 8 at a table. I was called with AKo from BB. Should avoid those steals from middle position.

      $3 at MoneyBookers
      $36 at Party Poker
      $37 at Titan Poker (29,74 EUR)
      $18 at Paradise Poker (14,77 EUR)
      $36 at Interwetten Poker
      $48 at PokerStars
      $178 the whole bankroll

      Today I'll give a first shot at $5+0.20 turbo DoN.
      Very excited about that :-)

      PS: My account on PokerStars seems still not tracked via PokerStrategy.
      Hopefully I did everything well. I'll wait few more days and then start solving that.
    • wotar
      Joined: 17.11.2008 Posts: 257
      Oh yeah :)

      Yesterday I played another of our University Poker League Tournament ($3+0.30) and finished 2nd out of >50. And cashed $45. That is the biggest prize I won in any one tournament.

      I think I played quite well, was lucky few times, but it was always against shorter stacks. The beginning was terrible. In first hand I got QQ and raised, but then lost connection somehow and my hand was folded :( Frustrated from this and some problems at work I played too loose at the beginning and lost half of my stack. But then I got free play with Q9, flop came Q99 and I doubled up.

      Then I remember another one such situation. We were already last 5 and SB called me on BB, I had Q2. Flop came Q2x and I nearly doubled up, as he had QT and went all-in.

      When we were last three, I was the shortest - chip leader >30.000, 2nd ~15.000, me ~11.000. Blinds 250/500 ante 25 I think. I tighten my play a little and steal only with Ax, TJ+, pairs or when was only called on BB with some reasonable hand. That just kept me on the same level, while the other two played more often.

      Then we were last two. I was happy, had only about 15.000 chips and didn't know much what I should do in heads up (as I play only DoNs tournaments now) :) I just know I can not be passive, any high card is quite good. But what was inevitable came.

      I was holding Qx, flop Q99. All-in, opponent called with 9x.
      Anyway, great feeling and big success for me.

      The registration to this league was $12 and I can use those money as registration fees to its tournaments. Now I have ~$66 there. Sweet :)
    • Zeffke
      Joined: 17.04.2007 Posts: 1,123
      Nice achievement, but don't let frustration influence your game ;)
    • wotar
      Joined: 17.11.2008 Posts: 257
      Gold words! Sometimes it is not that easy even if I am a calm person normally. Always learning :)
      Thanks for comment.
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