I have some questions ... if someone can help me

    • karmolll
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      Hi , I want to move my banckroll from Mansion and i m thinking to pick Betfair .but I want to know some things about this platform before ...
      How is the trafic here? I ll play nl50 - nl100 ( i prefer FR but Sh is also Ok)
      Can u fiind some juicy games all day long?
      Is it true that u can find lots of fishes there , that just gamble their money at poker tables?
      How hard is it to clear the 1500 bonus at this limits?? is it better to chose a smaler bonus?
      How is the soft? Is it hard to multitable ( 4 5 tables i don t need more) ?
      What s the rate of suck outs here ?? does this soft respect the math involved in poker in the long run?

      Thx in advance
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    • stantos
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      Hey there

      I have just reloaded at betfair after taking a break from poker. I am still grinding the lower limits lol

      Although the traffic isn't great from what I can see there is a steady traffic. There are many regulars throughout but there are also a hell of a lot of bad bad players who just stack off in the first 5 hands then disappear.

      Software is fantastic imo the best iv'e used, easy to make notes while playing. There is a key player feature where you can tick a player at the table and they'll pop up once they sit down. Great for tracking real bad players.

      Bad beats happen everywhere but imo less often here. The only time ive lost money is when Ive played real bad. No other reason than that.

      Multi table, embrace up to 15, easy to see even at max. I play 6 and it's a joy !!!

      Hope this helps