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zPeuin&Go [100€ Stake in 2018]

    • zPeunRNMD
      Joined: 27.07.2008 Posts: 120
      [100€ Stake in 2018]

      Hello Poker friends !

      2017 is almost over and a fresh new year is in front of us.
      What a great time to start a blog !

      Those past month I was struggling with the 25€ stake in Spins, until I joined in November SpinLegends.
      After studying with the videos and chart of SpinLegends everything is better, I'm not feeling stuck anymore. It wasn't really funny to play month after month on a limit without any improvement. Therefore I'm happy with my recent progression :f_drink: .

      Results of December :

      I was already happy with 70 CEV so with 87... wow :banana:

      Goals for 2018 :
      • ASAP move up to 100€ stakes
      • min. 2000 games / month (except special month where I take some holiday for example)
      • 4 tabling
      • Make more Yoga like I used to
      • Meditate daily
      • Practice my English by posting here :transpire:

      Wishes :
      For 2018 I hope you're going to crush on the table. Make a lot of $ and live like a prince.
      I hope it's going the case for me as well ;)

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    • zPeunRNMD
      Joined: 27.07.2008 Posts: 120
      Ok, small post in the middle of the month.

      I played really badly. :why:
      I wasn't focus at all, playing that much volume is, for me, kind of difficult. After 30-min of focus I begin to start gambling and to have a negative attitude towards the game.
      My goals for January are going to be hard as f*** to accomplish

      The graph :

      Good news is : ROI = evROI

      In the french forum I talked about having +2000 games in January and +80CEV...
    • zPeunRNMD
      Joined: 27.07.2008 Posts: 120
      Ok guys,

      I'm stopping playing 25€ !
      2 weeks ago for January I had 62 ChipsEV and it totally destroyed me...
      I worked my game with what SpinLegends offers me, I really try to make my CEV better...

      And ...BOOOMM

      80Chips EV for January, I finally did it.

      So, I'm starting to play the 50€'s stake. I would like to have +70CEV there.

      I'm hoping I'll crush them as well and start playing the 100€ ASAP !
      Wish me luck :f_thumbsup: !

      You can join me & the other Legends here :