SnG player learning MTTs where do I start?

    • PidKoker
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      I am a SnG player who is wants to learn how to play MTTs... Just want to know whats a good place to start I play on FT btw.

      They have a nice $3.00+$0.30-90 player Turbo Knockout Double Stack with the knockout format each player you knockout is worth 1/6 the buyin (not counting the rake). They also have a very nice 9000 max $0+$0.10 rebuy/add-on (they cost $0.50 per though)

      Theres also $1+$.25 & $5+$0.50 -90 player Double Stack this seems like the best place to start as in the $1 buyin there will be alot of bad players so ABC TAG style should be good here to start learning. The double stack and regular speed give me a bigger edge..or so I think.

      Should I move from the $1 to the $3 or just grind the $1 and move to the $5 when I'm ready? Or is it just my preference if I'd prefer turbo vs non-turbo?

      Also any good tourny books.. I hear Dan Harringtons book is like the staple for tourney play
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    • alejandrosh
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      harrington books is definetly a good read, I read it on school ( and didn't learn squat about chemistry :D )

      And fulltilt has a lot of micro limit tourneys running , they're not crowded like stars (so the first price is quite low since there are 400-600ish people) but they fire up almost all the time. And you can choose from 6max, double stack, knockout, rebuy.

      The 10 cent rebuy is good to lose some time, it's not likely you are going to learn much since the play is just horrible , I just push AJ+,88+ no matter what and one time got to 30th place winning a huge dollar !!!! , of course no rebuy since the beuty of this tourney is having a shot to win $200 by investing like 1 SB :D