A couple of questions. :)

    • Dyden
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      Hey guys,

      I havn't been playing poker for very long, and I have a couple of questions that have been swarming through my head.

      1) I'm really paranoid about losing money, if I lose a hand, I get annoyed. If I'm in a hand and I've bet, I find it really hard to fold, even if I know I'm likely beat (especially heads up). I constantly check pokertracker to see if I'm up for the session, etc.
      What's a better way to think about playing? I don't want to risk tilting every time I get beat. What's a good way to approach playing poker?

      2) I play at Titan, when you clear the entire 100$ bonus, what else is there?
      The new and revamped titanpoints/shop? Is there anything else for ps.com members?

      Thanks for reading.

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    • TheBu11d0g
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      Hey Dyden,

      You are not the only one to feel like you do as most beginners think the same way too.

      If you try too think about the money too much you can end playing with so called scared money. If you find yourself constantly having to look at your tracker to see how much you're winning then try to not have it running and check it after you session has ended.
      The way you need to think about things is the long term and not the short term. All you really need to be doing at the moment is making sure that you are playing solid ABC poker and trying to improve yourself as a player and not think too much (if at all) about the money you're winning/losing per hand.
      As for not tilting, you have to realise that bad beats will, and do, happen to all players, beginners and experienced players alike. As long as you know that you played that hand correctly, then just brush it off and move on to the next hand without letting it upset you.

      PokerStrategy have got some great articles on Psychology and Tilt that may be worth having a read through. There is also an article on Beginner's Mistakes that will help you through as well.

      Hope this helps a small bit.


    • pokerplayer4life1
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      Thanks Dyden for posting your question. I am a beginner, too, and had the same concerns about my money and betting.
    • Frakkk
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      A very common beginners problem. I'm happy you identified it and are asking for help. I wish I had this kind of help when I started:) My advice to you is try to think about money as blinds, pot sizes and their ratios.

      For example, when you raise preflop, you raise 4BB, not 20c. When you bet, you bet 1/2 the pot, not $1.50. If you go all-in, you go all in with 1stack, or 1/2stack, 1stack being 100BB. You should look at your bankroll as how many stacks or buy-ins it is.

      Run pokertracker or any other software in the background. The only thing you should pay attention to is your hands and opponents. You can do 1hr sessions, and analyze your hands, profit and so on in between.

      If you feel that you play with scared money, stop playing at that limit. Play on a limit where you don't mind loosing a stack on a good hand.

      However, the most important thing to get over this is play, read articles, analyze your play, read some more, play again. Education cost time and money. Everyone looses money, especially when we start to learn, it's part of the process.