Is it worth playing $500 one point Special/ $500 Players Club?

    • Alverine
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      Hi everyone

      Im a big fan of mtt, but my bankroll does not allow me to play tournaments with a pay fee (yet :P ). Ive been looking on partypoker to special tournaments:

      $500 one Point Special:

      The fee is 1 partypoint. The field is 8000 and the prizes starts at 1100º. However, only the final table have good prizes.

      Players Club $500:

      The fee is 50 partypoints. The field is about 500 people, and the prizes starts at 80º, but they look a lot better.

      Since im a beginner, i dont know exactly the value of this partypoints and dont know the best way to spend it, so I am asking for your help :D
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