Frage zum SHC

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    • fritzIII
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      You're in the wrong forum twice ;) . At first this is the english one and secondly you have to post such questions into the " Strategy - Questions and Discussions".

      The answer to your question is btw: SHC is right. AQo even UTG wins by ~15,5% vs 9 random hands acting after you. So it's an easy value raise 'cause you're 5,5% points above the average.
    • circe
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      thank you very much for your answer. I would like to apologize that I posted my question in the wrong forum.

      I raised with these starting hands and won the pot later. The SHC seems to be correct. But why does the tutor of "DD Poker 2" software give such a dubious advice?

      Can it be that the quality of this software is not so good?

      With kind regards

    • Korn
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      A lot of the poker advice / software out there is really really bad :)