No Luck...

    • OnlyTheNuts7
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      I really want to start playing alot of MTTS, but my only problem is when I need to get lucky I never do and either finish winning very little or no money. Any advice?

      Anyways I'm going to play a bunch on party poker tonight and I'll record I'll my results and post them here.
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    • opal99
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      It's all about luck in short-term...
      It's all about skills in long term...

      ^^ nothing else
    • OnlyTheNuts7
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      Just finished my first MTT of the day.

      $2 Regular NL Holdem
      Finished 195 / 448

      Made no money :(

      My stack went up and down a few times when I lost on hands like AK and won on hands like A6 (Flush). Eventually right before the break, I got 3 deadly hands all close together, 99 JJ and another 99. I win with the first 99. Loose with the JJ. And then get eliminated with the other 99. I was allin preflop against 10 10 and flop came 9 Q 4. I hit my set but turn was J and river was K and that was it.

      Oh well. I'll post my next result soon. Hoping to get some pointers :)
    • alejandrosh
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      you can't win big (top 3) in a mtt without luck , no matter how good you are

      the thing is try to always play your best to be a winner in long term
    • Frakkk
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      In tournaments it is important to minimize the losses so when you have a good hand you are able to maximize the winnings. When you have a big stack you have to be careful not to loose it, but still use it aggressively to steal and pressure smaller stacks. The right cards at the right time will make your tournament, but these cards have to be played right. And this is where skill comes in. Over the long run you will get the same cards as everyone, how you play them will make the difference.
    • bah22
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      In MTTs in order to avoid go all-in 50 50 situations preflop i prefer to make tough decisions post flop. For example if i have AK and there is a raise before me i just call and make decision on the flop since i have position on the opponent i can outplay him postflop. Of course reads are very important too!